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Promote Your Amazon Store via Pinterest


Many Amazon sellers have developed social media marketing strategies to increase traffic to their store. Moreover, utilizing social media allows you to find new customers, and develop brand exposure before they’ve even ‘stepped’ into your store. Pinterest is the third largest social media platform with over 100 million active users per month. Read on to …

Amazon Marketing Strategy II – Social Media Campaign Practices


Tips to practice the social media to improve sales   Social media marketing is a concept that involves creating content to gain online traffic or attention, encouraging people to share it within their own social networks. These actions then convert to brand awareness and potentially conversions and sales. The reason why social media marketing is …

Amazon Marketing Strategy I – Social Media Campaign Basics


want to know how to do social media marketing for your amazon store? As an ecommerce seller, if you’re not including social media in your marketing mix, you’re probably missing out on opportunities for customer interaction and new customer acquisition. There’s no limit to the number of platforms you can leverage for your business. So …

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile for Amazon Sellers

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It’s difficult enough juggling Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in my Amazon store marketing strategy. I definitely don’t intend to involve myself in anymore mushrooming social media copycats. This was my first reaction to LinkedIn. I’m sure you also didn’t even bother to open those first few LinkedIn invites from your friends. The lesson I learned …

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