YouTube Marketing Strategies for Your Amazon Store

YouTube Marketing Strategies


More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month. They watch more than six billion hours of video recordings each month, which is about an hour each for every person on this planet. More than one hundred hours of video get uploaded every minute on YouTube. YouTube ranks as the number two search engine, just behind Google, who happens to own YouTube.

A solid YouTube presence is definitely a spectacular way to drive traffic and sales to your Amazon store. Implement these proven YouTube marketing strategies to gain that extra edge over your competition.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube Marketing Strategies for Your Amazon Store

Inspiring Success Models

Krista Daniels, who sells handmade chocolates on Amazon, says her biggest customer attractions are her YouTube videos. Her videos are short and sweet. One of her viral videos featured a very romantic marriage proposal involving Krista’s chocolate products. Talking to her customers, she claims, is the secret to successfully promoting her business on YouTube. Her customers range from lovesick teenagers to corporate executives ordering chocolates for company occasions. Krista can be found in the comments section of various video logs offering ideas, advice, and inspiration in relation to her products. Her discussions vary from the therapeutic value of chocolate to which types of chocolate is the best for impressing a high school sweetheart.

Her customers responded with their own videos showing them trying her inspirational ideas of chocolate gifts to succeed in their various missions. With dozens of consumer videos of her products appearing on YouTube, Krista says her sales have shot up by more than 40%.

Project your Brand Identity

Krista has designed her YouTube channel with shades of brown, red, and golden yellow to reflect her brand’s identity. She says the branded look gives her videos more credibility than a default design.

To promote your Amazon sales, I strongly recommend customizing the background and the colors of your YouTube channel; add your company logo, other relevant information and links to your Amazon store. In the channel setup, there are options for enabling subscriptions via the click of a button. You can also set the channel search bar options to search only your uploaded content. YouTube also allows users to highlight the latest uploads, playlists, favorites, etc. Make use of YouTube’s various features to make your channel as attractive and user-friendly as possible.

Hook the Viewer From the Onset

To gain higher rankings in a YouTube search, your videos have to retain its viewers throughout the entire show. The new YouTube algorithm gives more weightage to average watch time than number of views. This is important in increasing the visibility of your videos on YouTube as higher ranking videos get displayed at the end of shows as well as on the right sidebar which displays related videos.

The attention span of online audiences are notoriously short. The first few seconds of your video have to be captivating enough to hook them and keep them engaged throughout the show. If the viewer’s attention starts to wander, he will probably get tempted to click on one of the other videos in the side list. One trick for keeping his attention engaged is to vary the camera angle every 20 to 30 seconds. Frequent multiple cuts to different scenes and backgrounds can help to make any boring topic into a lively video.

Creating and Converting Followers

Just like any other successful social media campaign, regular and consistent updates are the key to creating and retaining a loyal following. Consistent content production should be a part of your YouTube marketing strategy. At least one video per week will keep your channel feed active and help in building more subscribers.

One of the most important steps in the YouTube marketing strategy is directing the audience to your Amazon store. In the starting lines of your video description, create a link back to your product page. Don’t forget to begin the link with 「http://」 to make it clickable. Another method is to create a video 「end slate.」 This will appear at the end of the show to direct the viewers to you Amazon store.

YouTube is primarily a social network of video creators and their audience. Prompt your viewers to take actions that help you reach a larger audience. End the show asking viewers to Subscribe, Like, Pin, or Share the video with their friends. You will be amazed at the results. Encourage your viewers to comment on your video by asking for their opinion or by asking questions. Use the middle or the ending of the show to prompt them into taking such action. You can also use the comments section to interact with your audience. Respond to their comments and answer any doubts they raise.

Useful YouTube Features

YouTube’s auto-captioning function is vital to your video’s popularity. Adding subtitles make it possible for the millions of hearing impaired people across the world to access your content. Many people have difficulty in understanding certain accents or sometimes, the sound quality may make it difficult to decipher the language; in such cases, subtitles are what makes the show understandable. The YouTube auto-captioning uses voice recognition software. Make sure to edit the subtitles for accuracy.

Once you have a decent number of videos uploaded, make your channel more viewer friendly with playlists that group relevant videos together. Organize your video content into folders. Such folders may be time-related in terms of months or even years, or they may be based on categories related to your Amazon store. Create your playlist titles and their description creatively to maximize their appeal.

Maximize Your Visibility with Tags and Cross Promotions

YouTube offers around 15 categories for adding tags to your videos. The correct tags multiply your video’s visibility as the site organizes its content on a tag word basis. Use the most relevant terms first and then experiment to include other related popular tags.

You can set your account settings to automatically publish your new video releases on your other social profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Create tweets or posts in Facebook about your new video; invite people to join in group discussions on the topic. You can use 「Link to Blog」 options or embed the video using HTML in your blog for attracting more viewers. In fact, embed the videos in maximum sites for maximum publicity. Write articles in your blog and other relevant sites about your video with keyword rich titles and appropriate content, to extend the reach of your YouTube channel.

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