Amazon Prime Day 2018 – An Overview of the Shopping Extravaganza

Amazon Prime Day 2018

As Amazon Prime Day 2018 comes to an end, newly researched data has really emphasized just how dominant Amazon is within the world of online retail. Amazon is certainly deemed as a retail giant but the following stats from eMarketer are really eye-opening.

49.1 percent of all online retail sales go through Amazon, eMarketer found. Next in line is eBay with a 6.6 percent share of all online sales. The difference is astounding.



Amazon suffered a rare technical hitch at the beginning of its 36-hour online sales extravaganza on Monday. Both the Amazon website and app crashed due to heavy traffic volumes. Eager shoppers couldn’t access the site. Instead, Amazon showed shoppers a selection of dog photos until the site got back up and running.


Amazon Prime Subscription Increase

Even with the recent Amazon Prime membership price increase, which took place in April 2018, Amazon is proving to be as popular as ever with online shoppers. According to another eMarketer study, over half of Amazon Prime’s users confirmed that they didn’t feel that the increase effected them. Almost a quarter said that they didn’t even realize that there had been a subscription price increase. Only 6 percent of Prime users cancelled their subscription, with a further 9 percent confirming that they are planning to cancel their subscription in the future.

Furthermore, Amazon’s stock rose to $1,841.90 prior to the Amazon Prime Day 2018 promotion. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns 16 percent of Amazon’s shares. Bezos now controls $150.8 billion, which is the largest fortune since at least 1982, Bloomberg confirmed.

In other Amazon news, Monday 16th July saw thousands of Amazon workers in Spain, Germany and Poland walking off the job during Prime Day to protest for better working conditions, Reuters reported. The salary for Amazon workers in Germany is roughly $14.31 per hour. This salary is for workers who have been with the company for more than 2 years, Reuters confirmed. Amazon’s second-largest market, after the U.S. is Germany.


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