How to Choose a good repricing software

Need better repricing software?  Fed up dealing with poorly constructed software?  As repricing tools have gone up in demand, so has the performance of repricers.  Here are some of the key concerns you should consider when deciding which repricing software to use:

1.How many prices does the software look at?

What’s the use of software that can only process a fraction of your competitors’ prices?  It’s half-hearted.  You need to find a repricer that can really cover the entire field.  For each of your listed products, an ideal repricer will ensure that each price listed for that specific product has been processed and taken into account.  You don’t want a competitor to slip in and steal away your prospective clients because of software incompetence.  The greater the range, the greater the coverage.  You need a repricer that will aggressively fight for you.

Trustworthy repricers for Amazon sellers

Don’t be fooled by repricers that only appear trustworthy and useful. A good repricer is trustworthy but also aggressively pursues your pricing goals


2. Is the software cloud-based?
Cloud-based software allows you to turn off your computer, save energy, and store data.  Say goodbye to the annoyances of computer crashes, blackouts, insufficient storage warnings, down Internet servers, touchy Starbucks Wi-Fi, cat fur caught in the computer fan, dogs tripping over and yanking adapters, and spilling coffee from that same Starbucks onto your recently replaced keyboard, yet again.  Well, we can’t cure you of all misfortune, but rest assured, your repricing will still be up-and-running, fully operational.  If the repricing software you use is only operational when your computer is turned on, then it’s dated.

3. How functional is the software?
It’s important to employ a repricer that is equipped to make adjustments to more variables and actual scenarios in the marketplace.  Consider these about the repricer:

*Does it stop lowering prices once you get into the Buy Box?  (Hello, profit!)

*Does it allow you to compete not just for the lowest price but also the second-to-lowest price, the third-to-lowest price, and the fourth-to-lowest price?  (Hello, options!)

*Does it allow you to set different price scenarios when competing with prices greater than, equal to, and less than those in Fulfilled By Merchant listings, Fulfilled By Amazon listings, and Non-Featured Merchants listings?  The more, the merrier.

*Does it allow you to compete for the next optimal price if the competition goes lower than your minimum set price?

*Does it lower prices when you have no competition?  (Goodbye, profit!)

*Does it allow you to exclude specific sellers by name?

*Does it allow you to ignore competition with Feedback Ratings less than a percentage you determine?

*Does it allow you to set specific live price margins against those of your competition?

You need to find a repricer whose programmers test more accurately for a greater variety of scenarios, using advanced algorithms.  There are many companies offering repricing on a free 30-day trial.  No risk.  No credit card.  Try them (and us), and see which one works for you.

4. Is the software limited in region?
Do you have a repricer that works for Amazon US, Amazon CA, and Amazon UK?  Look for a repricer that is able to function in different countries and in different currencies.  This will remove limitations and allow your business to expand.

5. Does the repricer only help you with Buy Box?
Yes, the Buy Box is the gold standard for Amazon sellers, but it’s not the only profitable marketing tool on Amazon.  Most repricers are only programmed towards competing for the top spot, and that’s it.  More dynamic repricers are geared towards helping you compete for the top 4 rankings, like ours, (4 lowest competitive prices, More Buying Choices Box) as well as the top 10 (10 lowest competitive prices, offerings list page), both of which are extremely beneficial.

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