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How Does BQool AI Repricing Work?

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We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about AI Repricer since its launch this March. We also received many customer queries about how BQool AI Repricing works? In this article, we will explain the theory behind AI and machine learning and how BQool AI Repricer can improve your Amazon sales. AI …

The Latest BQool Coupon!

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Win Prime Day 2021 with BQool’s AI Repricer Amazon Prime Day is coming soon – we have a special limited-time promotion just for you to maximize your Prime Day profits. If you sign up for our US100 annual plan, you will get an additional one month that is worth $100. Absolutely FREE! Second, if you …

BQool Repricing Central August Update


The latest update for BQool Repricing Central will be released on August 22nd, 2020. Several exciting new features will be included in this version.  New Default Rule Types and Rule Workflow  Compete with Seller Fulfilled Prime Option  Non-Amazon Competitive Price and Suggested Lower Price information  Relocated Delisted Listings Table  Other Minor Enhancements      New Default Rule Types and Rule …

6 Common Misconceptions about Using an Amazon Automated Repricer

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Getting Amazon’s coveted Buy Box is becoming more and more difficult due to the rapid growth of third-party sellers. Since the competition is hard to follow only with manual work, repricing tools are increasingly becoming a must-have for Amazon Sellers.  However, sellers that are considering switching from manual repricing to automated repricing might be pushed away by some …