Amazon Buy Box- Everything You Need to Know about

Learn more about Amazon Buy Box to improve your Buy Box win percentage!

 Amazon is a platform where shoppers are able to browse through products easily and quickly. The upside of this is that Amazon merchants don’t need to vigorously promote their stores and products to grab consumers’ attention. However, this means fierce competition as there are always multiple merchants offering the same products. In such competitive environment, it is crucial for sellers to place themselves in Amazon’s 1-click Add-to-Cart Buy Box. Winning and dominating the Buy Box on Amazon translates into more sales for sellers. To prepare yourself before joining the battle, read the infographic below to understand the Buy Box and the key factors for dominating it!

What is Amazon Buy Box and how to win amazon buy box


As Amazon Buy Box plays a vital role in your business performance, BQool is here to help you boost your chance of winning the Buy Box! BQool’s Repricing Central allows you to instantly adjust your price to stay competitive. All you need to do is to create min price, max price, and rules and then enjoy automatic repricing. On the other hand, to increase your seller rating, you can use BQool’s Feedback Central to solicit positive feedback and reviews. With Feedback Central, you can easily apply our customized email templates and even launch email campaigns to get more positive feedback/review. Check out Repricing Central and Feedback Central to see how handy they are.

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