How Can you Resell Used Items on Amazon?

Looking to boost your revenue on Amazon this year? The Amazon Renewed Program offers a fantastic opportunity to resell used electronics, appliances, and more. With stringent quality checks, Amazon ensures that refurbished products meet high standards, making them attractive to eco-conscious and budget-savvy consumers alike. Embrace sustainability and turn refurbished products into profit! Ready to dive in?

What is the Amazon Renewed Program?

Amazon Renewed is a program that allows sellers to offer used products in excellent condition whether refurbished, pre-owned, or from open boxes to customers looking for affordable electronics. Buyers often worry about the reliability of sellers when purchasing refurbished items. To address this concern, Amazon Renewed ensures a secure platform where both sellers and buyers can conduct transactions with confidence, minimizing the risk of fraud.
Here are the categories you can resell on Amazon renewed:

Renewed Automotive
Renewed Camera & Photo
Renewed Computers & Accessories
Renewed Headphones
Renewed Home & Kitchen
Renewed Home Entertainment
Renewed Laptops
Renewed Musical Instruments
Renewed Office Products
Renewed Patio, Lawn & Garden
Renewed Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Renewed Smartphones
Renewed Smartwatches
Renewed Sports & Outdoors
Renewed Tablets
Renewed Tools & Home Improvement
Renewed Video Game Consoles & Accessories

You can find the list of the products you can sell and the details here.

What Requirements Do You Need to Meet to Qualify for this Program?

  • You need to provide supply invoices showing a minimum of a total value of $50,000 in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 90 days from the date of the application.
  • You may black out the unit purchase amount on the invoices.
  • Note: sellers planning to offer products related to Home, Home Improvement, Tools, Lawn & Garden, Outdoors, Kitchen, Sports, Toys, or Automotive may supply invoices showing a minimum total of $50,000 in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 180 days.
  • If you are an existing seller on Amazon, you’re required to have an order defect rate (ODR) of 0.8% or less in the trailing 90 days.
  • Your company provides a minimum 90-day warranty on all your refurbished products.
  • With no manufacturer warranty, you need to submit a minimum of 8 images of a sample unit for product and packaging review (box in which the product will ship, inside packaging and padding, product from top and bottom, product from all four sides), so you can get permission to list factory refurbished items.
  • Amazon requires invoices dated from trailing 90 days that total $2.5 million in Apple refurbished products for listing the Apple brand in Consumer Electronics categories.



How to Set up your Pricing for Renewed Product?

Customers expect Renewed products to cost less than their New Equivalents. Renewed products must be priced at lower than minimum required discount from the currently priced New ASIN equivalents on Amazon. The following actions may be taken on Renewed offers that are priced at a smaller discount or are priced higher than New Equivalents:

  • Ineligibility to be the featured offer on the product detail page
  • Removal from the Amazon Renewed catalog
  • Permanent loss of selling privileges for the relevant ASINs

Amazon will send you one or more warning messages before we revoke your selling privileges for those ASINs.

Be Aware of Listing Restrictions

Before you start selling on Amazon Renewed, it is essential to understand that all products listed must be capable of being repaired or refurbished and tested to meet Amazon’s Global Quality Policy standards. This means products must have electrical or mechanical components that can be replaced or upgraded to a new or like-new condition. To ensure a positive customer experience, Amazon will remove any products from Amazon Renewed that cannot be repaired or refurbished, pose a hygiene or safety risk, or violate any other Amazon policies.

The Advantages to Sell Refurbished Products

Selling refurbished items on Amazon offers a lucrative opportunity, tapping into a specialized market with less competition. Amazon’s stringent guidelines ensure that only serious, committed sellers can participate, creating a more exclusive and promising landscape for your success.
Refurbished products have a unique appeal, attracting eco-conscious consumers seeking sustainable options and budget-savvy shoppers looking for great deals. By diving into this niche, you can cater to a growing demand and turn sustainability into profitability.
If Amazon’s Renewed Program isn’t for you but you still want to resell second-hand products, consider these two alternatives:

Reselling Used Books

Amazon offers several avenues for reselling used items, including books. Whether you’re aiming to declutter your home or embark on a book-flipping side business, this platform provides excellent opportunities to achieve your goals. Check out this article to learn more about reselling used books on Amazon.

Sell Returned Items with FBA Grade and Resell

Finally, another effective way to resell used items is through the Grade and Resell Program. This invitation-only program helps you manage returns efficiently, a crucial aspect of selling on Amazon. The FBA Grade and Resell Program allows you to re-list unfulfillable inventory as used items, thereby avoiding the costs of returns or disposal. Amazon evaluates the condition of submitted items, creates listings on your behalf, and lists you as the seller of record. You then set the price and manage the listings just as you would for your new and used products.


Whether you choose the Renewed Program, flip used books, or venture into the Grade and Resell program, Amazon’s second-hand market holds immense potential. As consumers become more conscious of their spending and environmental impact, tapping into this niche can lead to e-commerce success. Embrace the opportunity to breathe new life into old products and watch your business flourish!


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June 21, 2024
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