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How to Reduce The Return Rate on Amazon


Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world. Its success comes from its well-organized managing process and customer-driven strategies. One of the best features for Amazon buyers is the return and refund policy. Thanks to it, buyers are free to return any product if they’re not satisfied with and get a refund. …

Does Amazon Contact Response Time Still Matter?


Customer service plays a major role in every online or offline business. When customers shopping in offline stores, their communication and interaction with sellers are immediate and face-to-face. However, Amazon shoppers can only get in touch with online sellers by email. If the contact response time is slow, the buyers may become frustrated and that …

FBA Payment Eaten Up by Storage Fees? Not Anymore


Clear out merchandise before you incur any long-term storage fees, and watch your overall FBA payment go through the roof. There’s nothing worse than watching your total FBA payment decrease because of Amazon storage fees. Anyone who sells through the FBA program may find themselves paying unexpected warehouse fees for any products that sit in …