Is Amazon FBA Overly Competitive in 2023?

Are you aiming to make money on Amazon in 2023? If so, you have probably heard about the Amazon marketplace is getting too competitive and too many products are saturating the market. With the economic recession, the post pandemic situation, and the increase of the FBA fees, many sellers have expressed their concern about selling on …

By Pauline Thoméré

May 18, 2023

Ecommerce News Roundup: February Recap

We’ve provided an overview of some of the past month’s breaking Amazon news. Catch up on the most important news and updates from Amazon below.  Amazon Brands Impact Dashboard – Proactive Protections Summary of protections that help protect your brand: Brand Register access Can be downloaded as CSV, JSON, PNG, Print file. The numbers are …

By Pauline Thoméré

March 2, 2023

Amazon FBA FEES 2023: The Ultimate Guide and Changes

Amazon has been adjusting their FBA program since the beginning of January 2023. This year due to the global economic downturn, Amazon has reviewed many of the FBA fees. Because some of the fee changes are not yet effective, you will need to pay attention to the different Amazon changes throughout the year. We have …

By Pauline Thoméré

February 24, 2023

How to Make Money on Amazon in 2023?

Despite the current global economic woes and the pessimistic economic outlook for most of the 2023, you still can make money on Amazon. Indeed, Amazon is the ideal ecommerce platform to become an entrepreneur and make quick money. There is no need to be a brand owner to sell on Amazon, you can simply resell …

By Pauline Thoméré

February 8, 2023

Ecommerce News Roundup: October Recap

As always, we’ve put together a list of major Amazon news in October, let’s catch up on the major updates from Amazon below. I. Zendesk support suite integration with Amazon Amazon introduces the new customer support tool available in the seller central partner network. With Zendesk’s application for Amazon, you can handle Seller Central messaging …

By Pauline Thoméré

November 3, 2021

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Amazon News Roundup: September Recap

September has been a busy month and a lot of things happened on Amazon platform. BQool shares with you the upcoming changes to keep your business operational for the last months of 2021.   I. Old Inventory automated-removal options on Amazon   As a seller managing inventory especially old one could be an issue sometimes, …

By Pauline Thoméré

October 6, 2021

20 Changes Amazon FBA Sellers Must Know in 2021

Would you rather listen to this blog instead of reading it? Just click play below. (Audio Recording by Samuel Krushnisky) 2020 was not a year we all could have prepared for, but 2021 is full of possibilities. The Covid-19 situation has changed the way we live, and it also completely changed the way to run business …

By Christina Chen

January 15, 2021

FBA VS FBM: What Works Better for Amazon Sellers?

One of the most important decisions for sellers to make when they start selling on Amazon is to choose a suitable fulfillment method: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Either fulfillment method has its pros and cons, so we’ve put together a comparison table that you can use as a reference to …

By Christina Chen

April 14, 2020

How to Ship Your Amazon FBA Products Simplified?

One of the hurdles or challenges people face when doing Amazon FBA is shipping. There are many challenges associated with shipping, such as customs duties, custom fees, pickups, mode of transports, clearing and documents, etc. This article would explain to you all possible methods you can use for shipping, and how to simplify your shipping …

By Guest

December 18, 2018