Ecommerce News Roundup: February Recap

We’ve provided an overview of some of the past month’s breaking Amazon news. Catch up on the most important news and updates from Amazon below. 

Amazon Brands

Impact Dashboard – Proactive Protections

Summary of protections that help protect your brand:

  • Brand Register access
  • Can be downloaded as CSV, JSON, PNG, Print file.
  • The numbers are refreshed daily but operate under a 48-hour time-window delay, meaning that users are seeing the most current data from two days prior.

What source is used to generate the reported numbers, and how do I interpret them?

These numbers are a count of ASINs removed from the Amazon catalog due to Intellectual Property infringement for the specific set of brands, stores, and time periods currently selected in the dashboard.
The numbers are refreshed daily but operate under a 48-hour time-window delay, meaning that users are seeing the most current data from two days prior.

For ASIN modification, the numbers are a count of new invalid and existing ASINs for which invalid changes to the ASIN’s catalog data are prevented from entering the Amazon catalog; they reflect the specific set of brands, stores, and time periods currently selected in the dashboard.

I’m interested in seeing metrics for removed listings, is that possible?

Users are unable to view metrics for removed listings.

Create Source Tag

  • A source tag is a URL parameter, ?channel=tag-name, that you can add to any store page URL when using it as the landing page for your advertising and marketing activities. When a customer visits your store using a URL that contains the tag, Amazon automatically detects the tag is in the URL and attribute the visit and any resulting metrics to that tag. This information is then categorized for you by tag name in Stores insights, giving you greater granularity of metrics by source.

Personalize your FBA Reports with New Custom Report Builder

The new FBA Custom Report Builder allows you to create and save personalized reporting views (“custom views”) by simply dragging and dropping the data fields that matter most to you.

Available now, the inventory business view allows you to monitor key information from various reports, such as inventory that is in transit, in a fulfillment center, being delivered to buyers, lost, or damaged.

Amazon will add more business views, such as Shipments, Returns, and Orders in the future.

To access the Custom Report Builder, select Reports from the drop-down menu in Seller Central, and then select Fulfillment.

For more information, go to Custom Report Builder or take a tour.

  • Custom Report Builder, you can do the following:
  • Generate a report.
  • Download the report.
  • Create and save a custom view.
  • Edit or delete the custom view.
  • Mark a view as a Favorite for easy access.
  • How can I reconcile Custom Report Builder data with other reports on Seller Central?

The Custom Report Builder combines data from multiple reports, and its data may be at a different level of detail than existing reports. As a result, reconciliation might not always be possible. However, the data between reports and the Custom Report Builder should match as long as the same level of detail and the same date ranges are being compared.

I can’t select the date range that I want.

Currently, the Custom Report Builder supports a 30-day time. To view data for a broader date range, use the existing reports in Seller Central.

Initially, Amazon is launching the Custom Report Builder with the Inventory business view only. The Inventory view should match exactly with the Inventory Ledger report for a given combination of date, FNSKU, and fulfillment center ID. If the data doesn’t match, make sure that the attributes that you selected are consistent between the two reports.

Add Budgets to your Percentage Off and Buy One Get One Promotions

Use the new budget feature in the Promotions tool for better spending control over your Percentage Off and Buy One Get One promotions.

When you create a new promotion, you’ll now need to set a budget with either a total amount or order count before the promotion can start. Promotions with budgets will continue to run in their current form. When promotions reach 80% of their set budget value, they will be removed. The remaining 20% will be allocated to cover redemptions from customers who have already applied the promotion.

Promotional budgets are for planning purposes only, and any level of overrun should be expected. Amazon is not responsible for budget overrun. This new budget feature does not affect any ongoing promotions.

For more information, go to Amazon promotions.

Amazon Inspire App

  • With Amazon Inspire, easily discover, and shop products personalized to your interests from other customers, the latest influencers, and a wide range of brands.
  • Inspire is a new in-app shopping feed that’s personalized with shoppable photos and videos tailored to your selected interests and engagement.
  • Inspire is only available when using the Amazon Shopping app. (App Only)
  • How can I create content for Inspire?
  • Customers: You can inspire your fellow customers by submitting a product review, which may appear in Inspire.
  • Amazon Influencers: If you’re enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program, photos and videos posted to your Amazon Influencer storefront are eligible to appear in Inspire.
  • Brands: If you’re a vendor or seller enrolled in Brand Registry with an active Brand Store, the qualifying photos you post to Brand Posts are eligible to appear in Inspire.

Check out this page if you want to learn more about this app!

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March 2, 2023
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