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Increase of FBA Storage Fees During 2016 Holiday Season


In 2015, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) volumes have grown significantly and the inventory levels were extremely high. Especially in November and December, U.S fulfillment centers were fully packed. In order to store all the overloading inventory, they had to set up hundreds of temporary warehouse canopies. To avoid situation like this and the potential capacity constraints …

Amazon Verified Purchase: Policy Update and Seller Tips

Amazon Verified Purchase: Policy Update and Seller Tips

Exactly five months ago, Amazon began weeding and removing the “Verified Purchase” label from reviews given using free or deeply-discounted promo codes from sellers. Recent policy changes indicate that such reviews are subject to immediate removal. This article takes a closer look at this policy, why these changes were implemented and guidelines to avoid removal of these precious labels from legitimate …

Amazon Holiday Sales Strategies to Increase Revenues

Amazon Holiday Sales

Heads up! Here are the Amazon holiday sales strategies to help you boost your revenue! During the holiday shopping season, who doesn’t want to increase sales? Learn more about Amazon sales strategies to increase your holiday sales! Create winning strategies and follow these basic guidelines to optimize your inventory levels, pricing strategy and shipping. The first step …

How to Get Paid on Amazon Globally with Amazon currency converter, World First and Payoneer


“How to get paid from Amazon” has become one of the most common questions when people try to start their business on Amazon. When you are setting up your account information, you can choose how you’d like to receive your payments for sales from each Amazon marketplace. When your account is settled, Amazon initiates payment to your bank …

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