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BQool’s BigTracker is now Available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore

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BQool is excited to announce that BigTracker is now available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore Compared to traditional methods of product research, which often includes arduous tasks such as copying and pasting information from Amazon into a spreadsheet, BigTracker alleviates this time-consuming task. Users can view comprehensive Amazon product data within seconds. BigTracker aggregates all …

International Shopping Feature Launched by Amazon


Amazon international shopping feature is now available, this new feature has a global reach of over 100 countries. The feature will help to simplify shipping issues for global customers, it will also ensure that Amazon’s US mobile app is more user-friendly. This is especially important for those customers who live outside of Amazon’s core marketplace.     Why …

Amazon News: New Amazon Fees in 2018

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Nothing makes selling on Amazon better than new fees… And for some of you, they soon will get higher. New Year, New Fees From April 15, 2018, eligible items in Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses as well as in Clothing & Accessories will see higher referral fees. In Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses category sellers will pay 15% referral fee …

Major Court Decisions for Amazon Sellers: Milo & Gabby Court Rules Against Amazon Sellers and Their Protections


In a recent turn of events, tech-giant Amazon has won litigation against a Seattle-based pillowcase company. The ruling comes as a blow to Amazon sellers that were considering taking the world’s largest e-commerce to see its day in court. While it was believed that company – Milo & Gabby – had a convincing case, ultimately …

Buyer Opt Out Email and What You Should Do


We have received questions from users regarding the opt-out messages from Amazon indicating: “We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order xxxxxxxxxx ……”. BQool has investigated, and here is the information that we would like to share. Why did I receive an email from Amazon saying my message could not be delivered? …

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