How to Ship Your Amazon FBA Products Simplified?

One of the hurdles or challenges people face when doing Amazon FBA is shipping. There are many challenges associated with shipping, such as customs duties, custom fees, pickups, mode of transports, clearing and documents, etc. This article would explain to you all possible methods you can use for shipping, and how to simplify your shipping …

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December 18, 2018
Amazon Reviews Amazon Feedback

Amazon Reviews and Amazon Feedback: Confused?

    If we’re being completely honest, the majority of online shoppers don’t really know the difference between Amazon Reviews (for products) and Amazon Feedback (for the seller). Most people are only interested in getting a bargain online that arrives in one piece and on time! In reality, the difference is actually very important, and …

By Alexis Rutherford

August 31, 2018
Chris Jones - Zonlife Success

BQool Interview with Chris Jones from Zonlife Success

Chris Jones of Zonlife Success is a formidable character, from humble beginnings to Amazon seller extraordinaire to one of the most in-demand e-commerce consultants. His story is truly inspirational. BQool had the pleasure of speaking with Chris to find out more about him and his story. Please check out our interview with Chris below to …

By Alexis Rutherford

July 3, 2018

Amazon Storage Fees Updates and How it Affects You

Amazon has announced some significant changes regarding U.S. Amazon storage fees and policies for 2018. Here we will discuss the latest changes in the FBA fees and what you should do about them. Let’s talk about the new Amazon storage Fees in brief. The biggest change is that Long-Term Storage Fees (LTSF) will be assessed …

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March 20, 2018
how to set up amazon ads

How to Use & Setup Amazon Headline Search Ads

A few months ago Amazon made Headline Ads available to everyone, and now most of private label sellers can use those ads to market their products. In the past, Headline Ads were restricted to Vendors (usually manufacturers and distributors selling directly to Amazon). This was a big change, and I took some time to test …

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November 1, 2017