A Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Amazon

No matter what you are selling, one of the essential Amazon selling strategies is letting millions of Amazon customers reach your items. And that’s the reason why every Amazon seller keeps looking for a way to increase the visibility of their products to accelerate their sales.  In the 21st century, almost everyone is living on …

By Christina Chen

July 14, 2020

ACoS – What is it? How do I Calculate it?

Most Importantly, What does it Mean to Me and My Sales? For most of us, it makes sense when we are told that ACoS is Advertising Cost of Sales, or in other words: How much we are spending on advertising for each dollar of our sales generated through PPC. Not too hard to understand, right? …

By Guest

August 13, 2019

Amazon PPC Management: Easy Campaign Management

It is a well-known fact that Amazon is one of the largest, if not, the largest e-commerce site in the world. With every day that passes by, more and more people are searching for products on Amazon rather than Google. As a seller, this means that there is plenty of user data out there, waiting …

By Guest

November 14, 2018
How to Optimize Amazon Headline Search Ads

How to optimize Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Last week I introduced Amazon Headline Search Ads. I talked about basic requirements and how they differ from Sponsored Products. You can read about it here As promised, this week I’ll discuss HSA optimization. Remember, those are some general tips and treat them as a baseline for your own testing. Headline Search Ads’ Anatomy There are 3 …

By BQool Marketing

November 10, 2017
how to set up amazon ads

How to Use & Setup Amazon Headline Search Ads

A few months ago Amazon made Headline Ads available to everyone, and now most of private label sellers can use those ads to market their products. In the past, Headline Ads were restricted to Vendors (usually manufacturers and distributors selling directly to Amazon). This was a big change, and I took some time to test …

By BQool Marketing

November 1, 2017