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How to Sell Books on Amazon? [Infographic]

How to sell books on Amazon

Need to declutter your overstuffed bookshelves? Interested in flipping books for a profit? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to sell books on Amazon, and get started! Step 1. Decide Your Fulfillment Method FBM Sellers pick, pack, and ship books to the buyers directly with no intervention from Amazon, and sellers also are responsible …

Why Sell on Amazon?

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When speaking of an online marketplace, everyone thinks Amazon – by far the largest online retailer in the world. Some statistics you need to know: Amazon hosts 2.6 million third-party active merchants like yourself around the world. Amazon’s net sales for 2020 reached $386.06 billion, and its largest revenue segment was retail product sales with …

5 Tips to Boost Easter Sales on Amazon

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Easter is coming up in less than two weeks! Every year, the holiday presents the best opportunity for sellers to sell Easter eggs, bunny decorations, sweets, and greeting cards that are seen in every household. Meanwhile, Easter is also the perfect time for sellers to do a Spring cleaning of their Amazon FBA inventory in …

6 Factors to Conquer Your Amazon Competitive Analysis


There are over 2.5 million Amazon sellers worldwide, and there might be thousands in each product category. Under this circumstance, the odds of encountering intense competition when selling on Amazon are high. Therefore, conducting a competitive analysis is important for Amazon sellers because it gives you ideas to identify your product’s advantage and stay ahead …