How to Avoid Amazon Low Inventory Level Fee with BQool Repricer?

Starting April 2024, merchants whose inventory level falls below 28 days of supply will be charged a low inventory level fee, which has caused concerns for cost conscience sellers. Because the slew of new fees introduced this year, like the placement fees introduced in March, have been eating into Amazon sellers’ profit margin, many are …

By Pauline Thoméré

April 23, 2024

How to Control Inventory Storage Cost for Amazon FBA Sellers

✳️ Update 2022 Inventory Age Report The Inventory Age Report has been replaced by Inventory Health Report. You can access the report via: Amazon seller central > Amazon fulfilment report > Inventory > Manage Inventory Health ✳️ IPI Threshold Lowering Since January 1, 2022 The inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold for FBA Storage limits has been …

By Guest

February 28, 2022

Ecommerce News Roundup: October Recap

As always, we’ve put together a list of major Amazon news in October, let’s catch up on the major updates from Amazon below. I. Zendesk support suite integration with Amazon Amazon introduces the new customer support tool available in the seller central partner network. With Zendesk’s application for Amazon, you can handle Seller Central messaging …

By Pauline Thoméré

November 3, 2021

7 Expert Amazon Inventory Management Tips

Ask any successful Amazon seller what the most important aspects of their business are, and you’ll likely hear that it’s fulfilling orders and having an effective inventory management process. This post will look at seven ways to improve inventory management for your Amazon business.   Why is Inventory Management Important for Amazon Sellers? Inventory management …

By Guest

February 15, 2019

How to Deal with Amazon Returns?

For Amazon sellers, the term “return request” is enough to make one cringe. Sadly it is part of life and can be expected at some point during your business lifecycle. It is a knock to any business owner in terms of financial and logistics losses.   How then would be the best way to handle …

By Guest

December 24, 2018

Don’t Let a Stockout Ruin Your Amazon Sales Again

  Running out of stock has dire consequences, from losing sales and Buy Box ownership to jeopardizing SEO rank, even account status. Needless to say, you don’t want to experience a stockout — especially during the busy holiday season.    But let’s face it. Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, supply just can’t keep …

By Guest

November 30, 2018

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BQool Announces Collaboration with InventoryLab

The exciting new collaboration between BQool and InventoryLab has been designed to bring you groundbreaking software. You can now effectively manage your inventory while simultaneously selling competitively on Amazon. Furthermore, this solution has been expertly designed to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry tasks.   We are thrilled to announce that BQool is now fully paired up …

By Alexis Rutherford

July 2, 2018