Should Newbie Sellers use Amazon Repricing Software?


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If you’re new to selling on Amazon or if you’re in the beginning stages of building your online business ready to start selling on Amazon, you may already be familiar with the notion of Amazon repricing software. A lot of newcomers to the world of selling on Amazon often feel afraid to implement Amazon repricing software into their business strategy. Here are some of the most popular reasons why Amazon newcomers feel nervous or apprehensive about using an Amazon repricer.


I don’t have a lot of inventory to sell


A common misconception is that Amazon repricing software is only suitable for those with a large inventory. This simply isn’t true.

Even with a small amount of inventory, manually repricing can become time-consuming. Furthermore, your reaction time is far too slow if you’re manually repricing products on Amazon as prices on Amazon can change as frequently as several times per hour. Imagine the man-hours that you would need to dedicate to having to manually reprice all of your products at this kind of rate. By using a repricer, you can focus all of your attention elsewhere, while the repricer keeps you competitive on the Amazon marketplace.


I can do it myself


You could…but could you do it accurately and at a speed that ensures that you are competitive 24/7? Software does what you tell it to do, it really is that simple. It won’t make mistakes because it has a hangover or if it doesn’t feel motivated to work.

Some humans are great at multitasking (just look at women for example) But could you evaluate every factor needed to make the smartest repricing decision immediately? It’s difficult to think impartially while under pressure and when you have been put on the spot. A repricer takes all of the required factors into consideration, and will then apply them as and when necessary.

Additionally, repricers are not emotional like human beings are. Many newer Amazon sellers get very nervous and upset when they see that their competitors are “stealing” their sales, this can lead to poor business decision making. A good Amazon repricer makes selling an objective process instead of an emotional one.


It’s an extra cost


You could look at investing in Amazon repricing software as an additional cost, but if you consider the time that you will save then it’s a no-brainer.
You should try to minimize the amount of time and money spent on repricing as much as possible. Simply put, manually repricing tens, hundreds or thousands of products is a waste of time, money and labor when a piece of software (that doesn’t require a salary or benefits) can do it for you.




The benefits of utilizing Amazon repricing software far outweigh the monetary investment.
We are very confident in our Amazon repricing software, so much so that we offer a free trial.

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