Best Amazon Repricing Templates 2024 Edition

The success of Amazon repricing strategies depends on various factors, such as the type of products, the volume of sales, sourcing methods, and competition levels. Instead of relying on a generic approach, implementing tailored pricing strategies that are appropriate to listings under specific circumstances, offers significant advantages. To excel in 2024, you need a smart repricer that adjusts strategically based on real-time changes in buyer demand, seasonal fluctuations, inventory age, and competitor actions. 

Conditional Repricer provides advanced functionality to configure automated, targeted repricing strategies adaptable to different products and business objectives. In this article, we walk through three common scenarios where conditional repricer gives sellers the ability to switch between rules such as: 


📌 Liquidating perishable/expiring inventory 


📌 Winning the Buy Box to increase sales 


📌 Repricing effectively even without the Buy Box 



How to Sell Quickly your Slow Inventory (Perishable Products)?

For example, if you have cacao powder that has been lingering in your inventory, it is crucial to sell it quickly due to the approaching expiry date. Some of these products may expire within 90 to 180 days (approximately 6 months). 

To sell perishable products before they expire, focus on sales velocity rather than profit. Use the Sales Maximizer rule as the main condition and lower prices to sell them quickly. 

With the latest Bool update you can now reset your min price to match the lowest offer on a listing, which enables you to stay very competitive in pricing. In this example, we set up – 1% meaning it will reset your min price –1% of the lowest offer. 

Furthermore, you can consider including additional conditions to narrow down the listings that you wish to liquidate and reset the min price. We recommend “listings at min price for the last 7 days” and Units Sold (for the last 7 days) less than 5. This setup enables the Repricer to give priority to the primary condition while also taking into account the secondary requirements. 

If you prefer not to trigger any repricing rule, you can also choose to match the Buy Box price or the lowest competing price so that your offer is aligned with the most competitive offer on any listings. 

For more information on how to reprice on FBA Inventory Age conditions: check our previous article: Conditional Repricer: Reprice on Inventory Conditions.  

Focus on the Buy Box % to Increase your Sales with Conditional Repricer

To optimize your chances of winning the Buy Box through Conditional Repricer, we recommend repricing according to your Buy Box Win percentage. Setting up an AI main rule, such as Sales Maximizer or Sales Booster, is recommended to enhance your sales performance and improve your odds of securing the Buy Box. 

What can you do if you have low “Buy Box Win Rate” on a listing with more than 20 competitors?  In this case, you can set the condition “Win Buy Box”, then apply AI Sales Maximizer rule as well as resetting the minimum price when Buy Box Win % falls below X%. By successfully implementing the Sales Maximizer rule, you can significantly increase your Buy Box percentage and boost your overall sales. 

If you would like to know the advanced buy box conditional repricing, check: Conditional Repricer & Buy Box Conditions 


Amazon Suppressed Buy Box? Do not Panic, Pivot!

Not having the buy box can feel like a bummer but our main goal is to ensure your prices stay competitive, even if you do not win the Buy Box. Unlike traditional repricers, BQool‘s repricer is designed to reprice against other appropriate offers even when Buy Box is suppressed so that it will not leave your prices stagnant. With BQool, you have various repricing options even when there are no competitors for a product. To get started, you can use AI repricer when the Buy Box is suppressed: 


Even when the buy box has been suppressed you can still take advantage of the AI repricer to reprice and compete with any offers indiscriminately. But if you wish to just compete with the lowest FBA or FBM on buy box suppressed listings, you can choose to configure the setting “When Buy Box is suppressed” from AI repricing to Lowest price. 

Another way to reprice when the buy box is suppressed is to use Conditional Repricer. 


The conditions of our interest are the “Buy box wins” or “Listing did not win buy box” 

  • Buy box wins: Buy box win is the listing’s buy box winning percentage in the last 24 hours. 
  • Listing did not win buy box: Listing did not win buy box is the listing that have not won buy box for the last xx days. 

Only Buy Box wins will be shown in our example.

To automatically adjust your repricer based on Buy Box Win Percentage in the past 24 hours, select “Buy Box Wins %” in the list of conditions. This ensures that when you do not have the Buy Box due to competitors’ lower pricing or suppressed Buy Box, you can adjust Your Price to stay competitive. For example, when buy box is suppressed for the past 24 hours, if the lowest FBA offer is $6 and you also have an FBA offer you will match the lowest FBA price at $6. You can also adjust your price based on your minimum price when the buy box is suppressed too. 


If you are comfortable without the Buy Box for a few days and prefer to wait and see if competitors sell out before raising your price, select the “Listing did not win the Buy Box” condition for up to 30 days. However, it is recommended to set this for less than 3 days as a longer period without the Buy Box can significantly impact sellers. Moreover, when you do not have the Buy Box, your price may remain stagnant. It is important to have a proactive repricer like BQool AI repricer that can make automatic price adjustments to trigger more repricing activities and maximize sales opportunities. The purpose of a repricer is to keep prices constantly in motion, even when you are not actively managing them. 


Implementing the right Amazon repricing strategy in 2024 requires a flexible approach tailored to your specific products and business goals. As we have shown through these examples featuring Conditional Repricer, rules and conditions can be stacked and switched automatically based on changes in the Buy Box status, sales velocity, inventory age, and other variables. Make 2024 your highest sales year yet on Amazon by implementing these adaptive, success-focused repricing templates. The time is now to configure conditions that hedge against all obstacles and leave competitors in the dust! 


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January 31, 2024
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