Introducing The Latest Amazon Help Desk Tool – BigCRM

BQool is excited to announce the release of the Amazon Help Desk Tool – BigCRM.
This Amazon help desk tool has 5 main features that can help you provide stellar customer service and improve your customer satisfaction.


  • Email Automation feature helps you automate feedback and review request emails. It can stop sending request emails to unsatisfied customers to eliminate the possibility of receiving negative responses.
  • Help Desk Solution allows you to simplify Amazon customer service and improve buyers’ shopping experience. You can centralize all customer queries from multiple seller accounts into BigCRM, which allows you to simplify customer service operation, so you can respond to all your customer inquiries efficiently without the hassle of logging into separate seller accounts.
  • Feedback Management provides a negative feedback alert, so you can monitor your negative feedback closely. It also provides a variety of proven email templates that are tailored to various customer service scenarios.
  • Review Management offers BigCRM users the ability to track every review of the product. Users can also get a notification when their products receive negative reviews. If you wish to download product reviews for your product listings, BigCRM can achieve that as it has a review download feature.
  • BigCRM gathers information about a buyer’s relation to your business when they contact you via email. Acquiring critical information such as contact details, order record, refund history and feedback history can help you identify your customer’s need quickly and ensure the provision of quality service.



Better customer management and greater feedback resolution will result in a higher seller rating which is the key consideration for buyers when they choose between purchasing from you or from your competitors.

Don’t fall out of favor with prospective customers. Improve your customer service and drive more sales with BigCRM today!


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