An Introduction to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Many sellers have noticed the new Enhanced Brand Content feature under the Advertising tab in Seller Central in recent months. This helpful new tool is now available to brand registered sellers to create more vivid product pages to help boost traffic and sales.

With Enhanced Brand Content, sellers can enhance product pages on ASINs that are part of their approved brand catalog. Under the Product Description section of the product page, brand owners can now tell brand stories by adding images and details about the products. Additionally, sellers have more control over the layout of product pages by choosing from one of the layout templates – simply select the desired template, fill it out with content, and submit the completed page to Amazon for approval.

However, at this time, HTML is still not allowed. Also, some Amazon product pages have videos included. Only vendors and Amazon itself are able to upload video files to A+ pages at the moment. According to Amazon, registered brands will be the first to gain access to new features such as video uploads and comparison charts as soon as these self-service tools become available.

Benefits of using Enhanced Brand Content

There are several benefits for taking advantage of EBC. Brand owners can make the Product Description section more visually attractive to buyers via images and text placement as well as providing a glimpse into the story behind the brand. This space is also useful when the product is complex and needs extra room for in-depth explanation. By enhancing and optimizing product pages, sellers may be able to drive traffic and increase conversion rate. From a buyer’s perspective, when a product page looks professional and well-managed, the brand/seller has more credibility than ones that do not.

Eligibility to use Enhanced Brand Content

To be eligible to use EBC, sellers must have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. The requirements for such registration are:

  1. Manufacture your products or have them manufactured on your behalf
  2. Have unique markings (branding) on your product and packaging

Another added benefit of registering your brand on Amazon is that you can combat counterfeiters. Therefore it’s a good idea to register your brand if you’re a private label sellers and manufacture your own products.

At this time, Enhanced Brand Content is open to Brand Registered sellers and is free-of-charge. It may help with driving traffic and increasing sales; so for brand owners, this is definitely worth considering.

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