The Winning Formula to Get Reviews in the Era of Amazon Opt-Out Policy

Amazon Opt-Out Policy

Since Amazon introduced the buyer Opt-Out policy, buyers can stop receiving unsolicited messages from sellers, which means if you send an email to a buyer who has opted out, Amazon will block the message and send you a bounce-back email.

If you are an Amazon seller, you may feel frustrated about Amazon Opt-Out as you send hundreds of follow-up emails every day, hoping to get more reviews and feedback, but ultimately, you receive only undelivered emails from opt-out buyers instead of valuable feedback and reviews.  

So how can you get more reviews and feedback without violating Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)?  


Start using an Amazon feedback tool to request Feedback & Reviews

We all know the best method to get feedback and reviews is to ask your buyers to leave them.

You can use a feedback tool that helps automate feedback and review request emails. Just select a default template or personalize your email campaign and then you are ready to go. 

But a simple email automation feature is not enough! Before delivering emails to your customers, a good feedback tool will automatically match the information with the order ID and remove unhappy buyers in a mailing list to prevent you from receiving negative reviews and feedback.

But what if a buyer has decided to opt out from receiving messages?


How to send request emails to Opt-Out buyers?

Buyers who choose to opt out of communication don’t wish to hear from you, so you should respect their decisions, which is also one of the important components included in customer service and ensure your buyers have a positive shopping experience with you.

However, if a buyer gets in touch with you through the messaging system, the Opt-Out will be lifted and you will be able to respond to the buyer. 

A common example is when the buyers ask for a VAT Invoice or send you a product inquiry. 

BigCentral, the only Amazon feedback tool that can detect Opt-Out buyers, can automatically unblock previous opt-out customers and it will resume sending them feedback and review requests. 


A revolutionary All-In-One solution

BigCentral is the latest Amazon “All-In-One” solution that helps provide faster and better Customer support, while also sending automatic feedback and product review request emails.

By integrating multiple Amazon marketplaces into one platform, BigCentral lets you respond to all your buyer questions efficiently without the hassle of logging into separate seller accounts. It also provides multiple language templates and a smart multi-language Auto-Reply feature that allows you to greatly reduce your response time.  

In addition, BigCentral automates feedback and product review request emails. Thanks to its ability to manage feedback and product reviews received, it can prevent sending request emails to unsatisfied buyers to eliminate the possibility of receiving negative responses.  


For more information about BigCentral, visit us at, where you can also start a 14-day FREE trial



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