Seller Central Update: New standards for the Business Seller Badge

Looks like Amazon decided to step up plans for Amazon Business. From now it will get a bit harder to get and keep the Business Seller badge.

Apart from providing detailed info about the business (location, about, year established, and number of employees), Badge holders can have no product authenticity and safety complaints in the last 180 days.

According to Amazon to earn a Business Seller badge you have to meet certain metrics:
•    A Professional selling plan
•    Minimum of 1 B2B order in the last 90 days
•    Low order defect rate on B2B orders (less than 0.5%)
•    Low pre-fulfillment cancellation rate on B2B orders (less than 1%)
•    Low late shipment rate on B2B orders (less than 2%)
•    Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP) enrolled, if collecting tax in at least one region
•    Include packing slip with every B2B order package
•    Include purchase order number with every B2B order package when provided by the customer
•    NEW: Valid tracking number on B2B order shipments (valid tracking rate greater than 97.5%)
•    NEW: No product authenticity complaints in the last 180 days
•    NEW: No product safety complaints in the last 180 days
•    NEW: Provide required profile information (about, location, year established, and number of employees).

To check your Badge’s status go to B2B > Business Badge metrics. If you see Badge active in the upper-left corner it means you are meeting all the performance criteria.

Business Seller badge

Why should you even bother?

This Badge is visible to business buyers next to the seller offers and with the seller profile. This might sound like no big deal, but business buyers can search for products listed only by a badged seller. In that case, you potentially lose sales to sellers holding the Badge.

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