Amazon News Flash: Lowest Prices Rank Highest on Amazon, Get Ahead Now

Announcement: A new development on Amazon makes repricing all the more valuable.  The offer listing page that lists the top ten vendors will now be sorted based on price alone.  Previously the page featured a merchant section labeled, “Featured Merchant,” with these sellers being higher up on the offer listing page (see image), but now the list will solely be determined by price.  The lowest prices take the cake.  This is critical because buyers, who often look for alternatives to the Buy Box and More Buying Choices, look for more options on the first offer listing page.  What’s more, there are no criteria other than price.  You don’t have to be a Featured Merchant or use FBA, and you can sell in any condition.  If you are the lowest in price, you will appear at the top of the list.  For those who regularly bank on the offer listing page to generate large streams of revenue, it is now more advantageous than ever to use repricing software to help you consistently stay on the top.

Amazon offer listing page sorted by lowest price

Amazon now sorts the top ten sellers solely by price

official announcement from Amazon:
Amazon is pleased to announce two improvements – a single offer list for customers which includes all offers sorted by price, and the addition of a display view for sellers to see whether their offers are Buy Box Eligible. Customers will be able to comparison shop more easily with the new offer listing page which is sorted so that the offer with the lowest landed price appears at the top of the offer list.

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