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Amazon Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday

For most Americans, Black Friday commences on November 29 for 2013.  For Amazonians, however, it commences on November 22, 2013, a week earlier – the Amazon Black Friday Deals Week.  Now more than ever, buyers are rushing to make purchases.  Sellers should be prepared to take advantage of Amazon’s week-long sales extravaganza.

Here’s what’s going on at Amazon:

1. Buyers can pre-order to earn massive savings on their purchases

2. Buyers can monitor whether the prices on their desired items have dropped throughout the week

3. Buyers look for Amazon’s own Electronic Gift of the Day

4. Buyers look for the Gold Box deal which can be a category of items, such as wool coats, Amazon chooses to mark down by as much as 70%

With such great deals and shoppers flooding in, third-party sellers are bound to get a boost in sales.  What sellers should do:

1. If you use FBA, send your items early, and send many.  You don’t want your orders to get delayed by holiday chaos.  You also don’t want to run out of inventory when hoards of shoppers are buying up your products

2. Compete for the Buy Box.  As the week progresses, buyers are checking to see if items are competitively lower; be the featured seller that bargain shoppers are rushing to buy from

3. Resolve negative feedback.  Keep your seller rating high; don’t drive away potential buyers

4. Resolve negative product reviews.  Gift shoppers are looking for notable items to send loved ones.  Further your brand when gifts are exchanged, and establish trust among consumers

5. Check that your inventory is not depleted.  Remember that Cyber Monday follows the weekend after Black Friday.  Replenish stock for those sales as well as Christmas that is fast-approaching

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