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Are you skeptical of the security of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and whether private information is compromised by 3rd party software services?  There are various 3rd party software services out there that have access to private information such as your inventory, prices, order details, to name a few.  These 3P services serve different functions: some try to reprice your listings so that you can sell at competitive prices while other software services may try to centralize all your feedback, and seek to improve your feedback rating. In order to have faith in these 3P services, we need to make sure that AWS will store sensitive information in a safe environment.

AWS is a platform where your computing services could be done over the cloud, basically another term for the Internet.  Instead of having your own actual physical server that would require a high start-up cost, AWS provides an alternative that is scalable, faster, and cheaper.  This sounds too good to be true, so why aren’t more sellers choosing to take advantage of AWS?     Are their concerns for the security of AWS warranted?  In a word: no.  There is no cause for alarm because Amazon does a very thorough job in making sure all data are secured and handled carefully.  Let’s look at the strict built-in security features of AWS:

1.Various security certifications and standards are met, including the SOC-1, (Service Organizational Controls) which is a bi-annual security audit to ensure all security standards are up-to-date and up-to-par.  Another verification is the ISO27001, which is the best known standard for the ISMS (Information Systems Management System). ISMS is the system that manages and safeguards all sensitive company data and information.  You can think of ISO27001 as a comprehensive security fence.photo_1371_20060329

2. Amazon’s data centers around the world are in secure and protected facilities.  Against state-of-the-art surveillance systems and employing 24/7 highly trained guards, one can’t really expect to walk inside undetected.

3. Amazon makes sure no hard drives leave the premises in one piece.   The only way it does is if it’s been shredded into smithereens.  This guarantees that no sensitive or private information is leaked out in any way.

4. All actions are logged and reviewed, to ensure everything is done securely.  If any problems arise, it can be easily traced through the logs.

aws_mfa_iam_api_15. Amazon has checks and balances in place, so you don’t have more access or privilege than you actually need.  For example, even the Chief Information Security Officer himself does not have the authority to go to a data center without proper clearance since he has no reason to be there.

6. Surprise drills called “Game Days,” similar to mystery shopping in retail stores, are done to make sure every AWS security personnel knows what to do when a spontaneous problem or issue arises.  This keeps all personnel on their toes and well-trained to react promptly to different contingencies.

So what’s high on Amazon’s agenda?  Making AWS safe and secure.  With all these security protocols in place to protect sensitive information, you can rest easy while using 3P services, knowing your private data lies in good hands.

Published by BQool Marketing on Jan 24, 2014

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January 24, 2014
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