Why Amazon Sellers Use Third-Party Software Services

Why do we need Amazon seller tools?  Can’t we sell without them?  These are fair questions to ask because Amazon sellers such as yourself are finding lots of tools to use.

These seller tools are needed because they facilitate the selling experience on Amazon.  The main objective of these tools is to make things more convenient, which in turn, saves you time.  Everyone values efficiency, which is getting the most amount of work done in the least amount of time.  This is precisely what Amazon seller tools will accomplish for you.


So what makes these Amazon seller tools so efficient?  The key word is automation.  The tools automate tasks that would normally be time-consuming for you to perform manually.  For example, if you wanted to reprice your inventory and keep your prices competitive, you would need to go through each listing and adjust it manually.  That would be a non-issue if you only had a few listings, but if you had a sizable inventory, then it’d be a nightmare.

Could you imagine going through each and every listing and changing it every few hours?  What a massive waste of time!

Another concept at work is the division of labor.  You are assigning various tasks on Amazon to the tool that is tailor-made to handle that task, such as a repricing software for repricing purposes.  Chances are, it’s going to execute it quickly because that’s exactly what it was intended to do.  You need to reprice your listings?  No problem, use repricing software.  bqool-repricing-central

Want to organize and stay on top of your feedback?  Easy, just use feedback software that will manage your feedback so as to help you remove negative feedback more efficiently.

If you’re wondering if division of labor works, look no further than your nearest McDonald’s.  Notice it never has one person making hamburgers by himself.  Instead, each worker has one specialized task: one flips patties, one puts on the lettuce and tomato, and another assembles the burger.  That’s why you get your burger so quickly.  Division of labor at its finest!


Some tools can also help you organize everything into one platform.  Having a unified tool means less searching and sorting, which means less trouble.  This is especially the case for tools that handle your seller feedback.  The goal is to increase your seller feedback rating, so prospective buyers will choose you over competitors with inferior ratings.  Compared to a competitor that neglects this aspect of selling, you should make gains in your seller rating which will ultimately make you, in contrast, more appealing to buyers.

Okay, so, competitive price?  Check.  Good reliable seller?  Check.  What next?  Well, it’s time to find out if this product is good or not.  If the product review for the listing was bad, then that doesn’t bode well for the sale.  It would be even worse if it was your brand.  If you’ve ever tried, you’d know – there’s no management tool for product reviews on Amazon Seller Central.

Brand Protection

This is where product review software would come in handy.  Such software aggregates all your reviews and has them sorted by rating for you, prepped for you to manage and to respond to.   What’s more, you no longer have to search endlessly for negative product reviews.  With just one click of the mouse, the product review software will instantly identify negative reviews for you.  You can quickly read criticisms regarding your products.

It also features a tool for private messaging to the reviewer, so you can resolve the buyer’s concerns and complaints, away from the Amazon public.  This helps maintain the integrity and reputation of your own brand.  If you take a proactive stance to your problems using a product review tool that consolidates your product reviews, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Amazon is a great place to sell, and your goal is none other than to sell as much as you can, in as little time as possible.  Using just a few Amazon seller tools will help you sell more.


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Published by BQool Marketing on Jan 8, 2014

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January 8, 2014
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