7 Amazon Seller Forums that Help You Succeed on Amazon


Amazon Seller Forums

So, you want to abandon your dull office job, and to start trading on Amazon. You see no real difficulties here and count up the profits of your eCommerce store in mind. Well, it sounds really nice. But before you quit your job, it is always better to get prepared for what to expect and to learn how to achieve success while entering Amazon.

According to the most recent statistics, 150.6 million mobile users accessed Amazon in September 2019. But, what is more important, 20% of the users emphasized they bought things on Amazon a few times per week. Finally, the average amount of items sold on Amazon per minute is over 4,000! That makes it an excellent foundation for literally any type of business.

On the other hand, according to the mentioned statistics, there are more than 2.5 million sellers on Amazon, and none of them is going to share their piece of a pie with you. To have such a vast amount of competitors might be a bit discouraging, right?

Whether you are a novice in sales or have some selling background, before starting your eCommerce Amazon business, it is always wise to do proper research. That’s why you’d better seek a few Amazon seller forums. No matter what you think of your skills, entering this market you just have to make new friends and to know the people who can give you some pieces of advice.

From this list, you’ll learn about the most relevant 7 Amazon seller forums that will help you in your eCommerce projects. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or fresh, we all need help from time to time. Here we go!


Unstoppable FBA Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers

This Amazon seller forum is one of the most active discussions on the Internet that can provide you with the right answer on any question related to Amazon sales. Here every new seller can learn how to build a marketing campaign from scratch, what to begin with, and how to increase sales. Here are just several topics discussed:

  • SEO – the latest trends and useful tools;
  • Copywriting – selling letters, emails, SMM and blogging;
  • Building an audience from zero – ideas on attracting people to your product;
  • Conversion optimization – how to make those people buy your goods.

Every day there are at least 20 new posts here. You might want to ignore some part of it, but eventually, it will become a reliable source of valuable information for you. What is better is that those hints are usually given by people, running their own Amazon eCommerce stores.


Warrior Forum

A perfect place for every new Amazon seller. From here you’ll learn the very basics of how to start your Amazon business, what to press at the beginning, and how to choose a proper help desk solution. Even if you have some Amazon background, you should join the forum, since it has a regularly updated blog section where habitues discuss the newest trends and keep you up to date with events and new selling techniques. Besides, it is an excellent place to observe discussions on the best marketing strategies, the use of guest posting and backlinks, search engine optimization, and lots of other relevant and important things. A great forum for everyone interested in the Amazon-related business.


Amazon Seller Central

It is kind of obvious, isn’t it? If you are going to be an Amazon seller, there is no place like Amazon’s own sellers’ forum. It is great for having an actual FAQ section where acting Amazon specialists can provide you with the most relevant answers. There is plenty of other useful info here, such as what to begin with, what category of goods is the most profitable these days, etc. Looks like all the sellers working on Amazon eventually appear here, so you can ask everyone any questions you are interested in, share your experience and discuss promo campaigns or even partnership with same-minded people.


eCommerce Fuel

This is one of the top Amazon seller forums for both the novice sellers and professionals. The administration has managed to attract here not just Amazon sellers, but numerous specialists in eCommerce. Also, there are several top-tier companies operating with 7-figure incomes. Lots of relevant practices without suggestions like “try to be a nice and openhearted person”. You’ll find here PPC marketing hints, newest SEO trends and help desks comparative analysis. It is also noteworthy that you can have a chat with real people who can share their thoughts on the most recent events and ideas and even give you some pieces of advice based on their recent experience.


Digital Point

Old but gold eCommerce forum with a heavy emphasis on Amazon sales. If to compare it to something, then it is an encyclopedia that comes in mind. Being quite old, it has lots of useful info previously discussed and stored in its archives. Here you can browse other users’ questions, sorting them by a date or a topic. It is worth to mention rich sections dedicated to all available Amazon sellers tools and marketing strategies. Here you can find links to the most useful supplementary software every seller should use. Also, the forum includes a huge marketplace. Unfortunately, being old, the forum once experienced its better days, and nowadays the activity here is not as it used to be before. Yet, the info gathered here is still relevant and includes many good ideas and concepts.


Amazon FBA on Quora

Quora might be a great source of all kinds of information. No wonder Amazon FBA service has its forum built on its base. As you may guess, the number one topic here is Fulfillment by Amazon, all the relevant questions, news, and concepts. Here you can find an answer to everything connected to FBA – how to provide the best services, how to attract customers, and how to gain the most of Amazon-based eCommerce store. Amazon seller forums are really great if you don’t know what to begin with. It covers every piece of info that can be useful to a soon-to-be Amazon seller, from marketing to payment systems.


Bonus: BQool

In addition to the above Amazon seller forums, BQool is a provider of one of the handiest help desks for Amazon trader, and the company knows all the needs and pains of its customers. They run a huge blog, filled with lots of really good and relevant info, including marketing strategies, best FBA ideas, beginners guides and plenty of “howto”s. Besides, they can teach novice sellers how to use the help desk and what it is actually good for. They also promote their own help desk software, all-in-one tool that includes all the necessary means for any kind of a trader, including product research engine, price adjustment interface and lots of other built-in auxiliaries.


At first glance, Amazon sales might look tricky and complicated. But as soon as you start digging, you’ll see it is more fun than scary. As usual, all you need is a reliable data source, and we surely have provided you with some. Use it wisely, and eventually, you’ll meet your success. Good luck!

Know some other Amazon seller forums we didn’t mention in this list? Feel free to share them with everyone in the most convenient way!


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