How to Deal with Negative Product Reviews on Amazon

Amazon negative product reviews


As more and more consumers nowadays turn to Amazon to check product ratings and reviews before making a purchase, it is extremely vital for sellers, especially Private Label, to make sure people are saying good things about their products. Not only do product ratings affect your sales, they also impact search rankings on Amazon.


So in the event that you get hit with negative product reviews, what do you do? It is best to approach and resolve negative reviews in a professional and courteous manner. The rule of thumb is that you should never directly ask customers to remove negative feedback right off the bat. If you do so, customers will be inclined to think that you only care about your brand/image and not really wanting to resolve the issue. You need to show customers that you care! Put yourself in the shoes of the customers and ask how you can help change or improve the situation for them. Customers always appreciate good customer service.


Be proactive and respond in a timely manner

It’s commonly known that customers are more likely to leave feedback when they’re unhappy with a purchase rather than when they’re satisfied. When they take time out of the their day to log into Amazon and write something bad about your product, they’re likely already irritated. When you find negative reviews about your product, take action quickly! Be proactive and respond right away so that customers know that they matter and their opinions are valued. Timely response may make all the difference on a customer’s perception about the company/brand.


Offer resolution or ways to rectify the situation

At the end of the day, happy customers are good for business. When customers leave negative feedback, get in touch and find out what happened. Was there something wrong with the delivery? Was the product damaged or missing parts? Was the product not as expected? Ask the customer why they left the ratings that they did, and how you can help to rectify the situation. If there were problems with the product itself, send the customer a replacement, a partial or full refund, or a coupon code for future use. It’s also possible that the customer had misunderstanding about the product specifications or usage, and this is your opportunity to offer an explanation.


Be professional but polite and genuine

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service can tell you how irrational customers can be sometimes. When customers are angry, their reviews and comments may not sound too pleasant to the people reading them. As customer service representatives, keep in mind that while customers may not always be right, your actions and responses will reflect back on your brand/company. That is why it is important to remember to stay level-headed when communicating with customers. Let your customers know that you’re genuinely interested in helping solve their problems.


Respond publicly

Amazon is a massive catalog of products, and customer reviews are there for the world to see. When customers leave ratings and reviews, it is essential information to prospective customers who want to know whether the product is worth buying. In that sense, it may be good for brand owners to respond to negative reviews publicly and address the issues mentioned to make it clear to everyone reading the reviews. Public response not only shows that the company cares about their products, but also helps combat or set straight any false claims or conceptions that may have been brought up.


When customers give you a piece of their mind, it’s always good feedback for either your product or listing descriptions. You may take the feedback and improve on your products or write better copy for your listings. That’s why product review monitoring and customer service are equally as important for brand owners. As your business grows, it becomes harder to monitor reviews manually. Automating the monitoring process will free up your time to run your business while keeping your product reviews healthy and sales rolling. Our BQool Review Central helps sellers collect, organize, and react to reviews quickly and efficiently. With the automated tool, you may also pin down the exact customer and attempt to resolve the issues privately. Whether you choose to privately resolve the issue or respond publicly to negative reviews, it’s always good practice to reach out to your customers and show that you care. Try our 14-day free trial today to see how BQool Review Central can help!


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