Ecommerce News Roundup: May Recap

If you haven‘t been informed about the newest updates, here is a brief outline of the events that occurred during May on Amazon.

📌 New Small Business Search Filter

As part of our ongoing efforts to support small businesses, Amazon is testing a Small Business Search filter.

The Small Business Search filter helps customers filter their searches to discover products from small business brands and artisans while shopping in Amazon’s store.

When a customer’s search results include eligible products from small business brands, the new filter will appear under the “Business Type” category in their search filter options.

As Amazon is testing this feature, any small business brand that meets the Small Business badge criteria and has the badge featured on their products in search or detail pages is eligible to be included in Small Business Search filter results.

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Can I remove products from my Small Business brand from participation in this program?

Currently, Amazon does not allow the exclusion of specific products. If you do not want to participate, you may choose to have your business removed from the program completely by contacting Selling Partner Support, it may take up to two business days to reflect on the store.

You can contact Selling Partner Support, provide the name of your brand and company, business address, and your merchant token ID, and our team will review your eligibility in the program. You can expect a reply within 10 business days from your initial request

What is the Small Business Search filter and where can I find it?

The Small Business Search filter helps customers filter their searches and discover products from small business brands and artisans in Amazon’s store. The new filter can be found on the Search page in the refinement category under Business type in the left-navigation panel.

Which products are eligible for the Small Business Search filter?

The Small Business Search filter is automatically applicable to all products with the Small Business badge. For more information on eligibility criteria to be identified as a Small Business in Amazon store, refer to Small Business products FAQ above.

Which countries is this filter available in?

The Small Business filter, which can be found under the Business Type refinement within the Search filter options, is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

📌Update on the Featured Offer Percentage Metric

We corrected a calculation error that resulted in inaccurate values for the Featured Offer percentage metric in the Business reports.

Due to this fix, you may notice an increase in the Featured Offer percentage metric for some ASINs.

To review your Featured Offer percentage metric, go to Business Reports and click Detail Page Sales and Traffic report to the left of the page. You can view the report by date or by ASIN.

📌Amazon Advertisement – Brand Impression Share (Beta)

Stay Top of Mind with Shoppers Searching for Your Brand

Brand impression share shows the top-of-search impression share (IS) for your brand terms over time. It measures the percentage of top-of-search impressions your ad campaigns receive out of the total impressions they could receive.

You’ll be able to:

  • Understand your advertising share of voice when shoppers search for your brand.
  • Monitor top-of-search impression share over time for all your ad campaigns.
  • Inform your bidding strategy and optimize bids to reach your share of voice goals.

📌FBA dashboard – Storage Utilization Ratio (Update)

  • On April 1, 2023, Amazon launched the storage utilization ratio card on the FBA Dashboard for Professional sellers. This card provides your storage utilization ratio, which is used to determine the rate for the storage utilization surcharge. This card will not be visible to Individual sellers.
  • The storage utilization ratio is the ratio of your average daily inventory volume stored divided by the average daily shipped volume over the past 13 weeks, normalized by number of weeks.

  • The formula for the ratio is: (average daily inventory volume for the past 13 weeks / average daily shipped volume for the past 13 weeks) / 7 days in a week. The ratio is for United States.

📌Restock Inventory – Fee Discount

Amazon is offering a fulfillment fee discount for a limited time for eligible ASINs. You will receive a fulfillment fee discount if the recommended minimum number of units are received at the fulfillment center within the specified time.

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June 7, 2023
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