Ecommerce News Roundup: November Recap

If you’ve been occupied with Christmas preparations and missed the latest Amazon news, here’s the November recap of the important updates for 2023.

Introducing Strategic Account Services: Essentials and Pro Plans

In the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the Selling Partner Starter and 360 programs are now available as Strategic Account Services.

With Strategic Account Services, a trusted Amazon adviser can help you scale your business, reach new customers and increase sales with the following two services based on your business needs:

  • The Essentials plan (previously Amazon Selling Partner Starter) is designed for small and medium businesses and is focused on short-term growth.
  • The Pro plan (previously Amazon Selling Partner 360) is designed for larger businesses and is focused on medium- to long-term growth.

If you currently use our Starter or 360 programs, you’ll still work with a Marketplace Consultant to develop tailored business strategies in the following areas:

  • Catalogue Optimization: Get the tools to identify new product opportunities.
  • Fulfilment & Logistics: Receive specialized guidance on your logistics methods (whether Fulfilled by Merchant or Fulfilled by Amazon).
  • Expansion: Scale your business to reach new international and business customers.
  • Marketing: Unlock strategic, tailored insights, deals and advertising support.
  • Brand: Protect your brand and work with us to enhance your brand presence on Amazon.

To apply for Strategic Account Services, go to Application Form.

To learn more about Strategic Account Services plans, go to Selling Partner Plans.


Segment and Re-engage Customers with new Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard

The new Customer Loyalty Analytics dashboard helps brands segment and re-engage customers based on their past purchase behavior and engagement with your brand page.

The dashboard provides recommendations and links to tools, such as Brand Tailored Audiences, to help you send promotions, coupons, and email campaigns to select customer segments to increase overall customer lifetime value.

Customer Loyalty Analytics helps you do the following:

  • Identify high-value customers who have bought your products before and are most likely to respond to promotions.
  • Build your strategy for the right customer. Customize the value and frequency of purchase incentives, discounts, and marketing content, to different customer segments.
  • Engage customers at the right time by marketing more efficiently to customers who have made at least one purchase from your brand in the last 12 months.
  • Optimize marketing and ad spend. See your customers’ lifetime value in sales to better understand the value of each loyal customer segment and engagement costs.
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost. Launch tailored promotions for customers who have shown interest in your brand or added your products to their cart in the last 90 days but haven’t purchased from your brand in the last year.

For more information, go to the Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard guide.

To start using the dashboard, go to Customer Loyalty Analytics.

Amazon predicts which customers in each segment are projected to grow, maintain, or decline over the next year based on their purchase Recency (R), Frequency (F), and Monetary Spend (M).
     This data is refreshed monthly and will not be updated on a weekly basis, and this is not a guarantee of future sales.
The metric value of “-” means that the data is unavailable.

How is predictive CLV calculated?

Amazon includes RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) as one of the dimensions for future prediction, along with other historical metrics. The other metrics include price, engagement, Prime membership,
Subscribe and Save enrollment, browsing behavior, add-to-carts,
detail page views, post- purchase information, average review rating, historical purchases, and many others. This data is used to
predict if the customer will repurchase next year and how much they will spend.

Update to Premium A+ Content Eligibility Requirements

Amazon has updated the eligibility requirements for Premium A+ Content.

Premium A+ Content allows brands to use content such as video, interactive hotspot modules, image carousels, and enhanced comparative tables to share your brand’s unique story and showcase product information in the Amazon store.

To be eligible to use Premium A+ Content, you’ll need:

  • Brand Story module published on all of your brand-owned product listings.
  • Five approved A+ Content modules in the last 12 months.

Once your brand is enrolled and eligible, you’ll see a banner notification in your A+ Content Manager.

To learn more about Premium A+ Content module requirements, go to the Premium A+ Module Guide and to get started, go to the A+ Content Manager.

Brands can Access Brand Registry Services at our New Hub

Amazon has launched a new resource in Seller Central where you can access Brand Registry services.

Amazon Brand Registry gives brand owners the ability to protect their intellectual property, manage the accuracy of their listings, and grow their businesses.

Brands enrolled in Brand Registry get access to an exclusive set of brand benefit tools and programs that help improve their brand’s discoverability and sales on Amazon.

You can learn more about Brand Registry benefits and how to enroll at the Brand Registry educational hub.

Visit the Brand Registry Educational Hub now.

Leverage Amazon Tools During the Peak Season with New Ads Courses

Amazon has launched three new free Amazon Ads courses in the learning console to help you grow your business this holiday season:

👉 Recognize growth opportunities with Brand Metrics

Find out how to utilize advertising insights to help engage more shoppers.

👉 Drive brand and product discoverability

Explore the benefits of an Amazon Store and discover brand growth tools including Brand Follow, Posts, and Amazon Live.

👉 Promote your products with deals, events, and more

Learn how to create and manage promotional offerings, set budgets, and track effectiveness during sales events and the peak season.

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Pauline Thoméré

November 30, 2023
Pauline's passions lie in eCommerce and supporting individuals in their online selling endeavors. Currently, as a frequent contributor to the BQool Blog, she channels her passions into creating informative contents that break down the complex challenges Amazon sellers face on a daily basis.

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