How to Increase Your Amazon Product Visibility

Amazon Product Visibility

Online merchants are always trying to make a steady earning on Amazon by selling their products to shoppers. However, setting up a product page on Amazon is just the beginning of becoming an online seller. You need to consider several factors to ensure you’re committing to your store and providing authentic products to your buyers. Many new merchants are frustrated at how slow their stocks are selling due to poor Amazon product visibility.   

While there are millions of buyers searching for products online, there is also a large sum of merchants selling goods. Due to the increased competition, we’ve outlined some effective ways you can make your products more visible to online shoppers.  


Incorporate SEO practices to improve search


It’s hard for customers to find your products since there is an abundance of merchants selling similar products on Amazon. You need to take up some initiative to ensure they see your product listings. Search engine optimization is the key to unlocking limitless visibility and improving the ability to find products via organic search.  

Customers depend on Amazon’s algorithm to search the products they’re looking for, so it is crucial that sellers implement SEO practices to optimize their search keywords. This means sellers should know the relevant keywords being used in searches, both on Amazon and other sites so that your listing shows up in top-ranked results. Once you’ve done in-depth research on the appropriate keywords, place them strategically throughout your listing. When these keywords are detected, search engines will automatically rank your listings higher in results, bringing you one step closer to having more customers.  


Share listings on social media


Social media is an excellent way to bring immense exposure to your product listings. According to statistics, the average individual spends at least two hours a day on social media. If online merchants start leveraging these channels to bring more visibility to their Amazon product, they will notice a boost in interested buyers.  

Aim to create posts that can strategically entice followers to click on your listings and learn more about your products. It’s best to avoid posting ads as they can get repetitive, instead try to offer some value to visitors since that will be more helpful to them.  

  • Publish content that includes products list link: It’s important to share valuable and informative content when you’re trying to capture the reader’s interest. This means sharing a blog post, video or infographic that offers relevant information to potential customers while also including the listing link, so as to bring more exposure to your products. Several business accounts use this method to indirectly promote their listings through social media.  
  • Offer social media promo code: Online merchants on Amazon can create promotional links to share on social media which offer a promotional or discount code on the listing. By sharing a promo code you’re giving customers value by helping them save money on delivery, shipping, or a discount.  

Social media is a powerful tool that can boost your Amazon product visibility and reach a wider audience by making use of quality content.


Create keyword-rich content and titles

Once you’ve collected the right keywords to include in your listing, it’s time to usefully place them in your product titles and descriptions so Amazon’s algorithm can detect themThe first thing prospective customers notice is your product’s title which needs to be catchy, relevant, and informative so they’re inclined to consider purchasing it. After prospects land on your product page, they should be presented a crisp yet informative description of the product which includes everything from its brand, features, quality, packaging, etc. This info should be organized in a pattern that places the relevant keyword first so it is more likely to show up in higher search results. Moreover, this not only helps the customer understand the product better but also supports Amazon’s search algorithm, which gives more preference to keywords that appear first in the title.  

However, don’t go overboard with adding too many keywords, aka “keyword stuffing”. Your goal is to increase Amazon product visibility and improve conversions and you’re less likely to achieve that if your product page is stuffed with keywords that don’t make sense. 


Optimize for mobile consumers


In the last few years, the majority of web traffic has been coming from mobile users. This has led business websites to optimize their platforms for mobile consumers worldwide so they can effortlessly view their webpages on their mobile devices. Often times, Amazon sellers put mobile optimization on the back burner thus turning away numerous mobile shoppers from their listings. But these numbers are critical to the success of your seller rating and shop.  

This includes optimizing mobile content for SEO and shortening titles, bullets, and product descriptions so they’re clearly visible on mobile screens. It looks unpleasant and uninviting when paragraphs are not spaced properly or the content isn’t formatted decently. Similarly, optimization ensures that image size and resolution are adjusted according to the screen so the customer’viewing experience remains unaffected. Optimizing your Amazon listing for mobile users will significantly boost the visibility of your merchandise and bring you a competitive advantage on the platform.


Focus on quality graphics and imagery

All online shoppers who purchase products rely on product images and the quality of pictures provided by the seller before they make the final buying decision. This makes it obvious that the number, quality, and variety of images attached to the product description are major factors that boost your product listing’s exposure.  

Providing quality and high-resolution images that clearly highlight all the parts and features of the product is highly important for the success of your Amazon listing. Besides that, the seller should display different angles of the product to provide the customer with a clear idea of what the product looks like. If possible, sharing pictures of the product in use can also increase the chances of prospects actually buying it.


In a Nutshell  

There is always room for improvement so focus on the core factors of what makes your products more inviting to potential customers. Prioritizing the above-mentioned approaches will not only enhance your Amazon product visibility but also make the shoppers experience pleasant and eventful.  


Author Bio:

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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