Increase Your Sales by Selling Product Bundles


The products bundles on Amazon have been around for a while, yet selling product bundles still isn’t a common practice for Amazon sellers, even though it could create a win-win situation for both sellers and the customers.
For Amazon buyers, it’s all about getting the most out of the price they pay for, and bundles give them exactly what they’re looking for.
One of the main benefits of product bundles is the ability to increase sales. Most sellers think that their profit margin will decrease after bundling their products, which isn’t true.



Why Sell Product Bundles on Amazon?

There is every reason for Amazon sellers to make at least a few products bundles available on their stores. With the market full of frugal buyers who love getting more bang for the buck with their purchases, creating bundles can be profitable.

If you execute product bundling strategy correctly, you can attract potential buyers, increase sales and profit margin and most importantly, you will have a higher chance of winning the buy box.


Benefits of Selling Bundled Products

One of the biggest benefits of selling bundled products is that you have a better chance of winning the buy box by providing a unique product that has hardly any competition. Your competitors will find it difficult to replicate your products since you are selling a group of different items in a bundle.

When you take advantage of bundling related products together, you’ll give your customers more reasons to purchase from you because your product bundles have everything they need in one package. This will attract more potential buyers to shop at your store.

By offering a quick one-stop for customers to get everything they need in one place, you also get the extra benefit of clearing out the slow-moving inventory.

Another benefit of bundling products together is that it can increase your profit margin on low-priced items. It’s totally up to you on how you bundle your products but remember that you must pay attention to the Product Bundling Policy.


The Difference Between a Product Bundles and Multipacks

One of the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make is not understanding the difference between a product bundle and a multipack. Therefore, we still see a lot of listings that aren’t correctly bundled.

Even though product bundles and multi-packs may seem similar in some respects, the two are totally different.

A multipack is a pack of the same items. The best method to check if you have a pack or bundle is by examining the UPC/ASIN of the products you put together.

The products in a multipack will always have the same UPC/ASIN, while the bundle will consist of products that don’t have the same UPC/ASIN and therefore, the product bundle will generate a unique ASIN.

For example, if you’re selling two car chargers together, it’s a multipack. But if you sell a car charger and USB cable together, it’s a product bundle. This bundle also makes sense for customers since you’ll need USB for a charger.

It’s vital to understand the difference since Amazon has strict rules which you don’t want to break when it comes to product bundling.


How to Increase Sales with product bundles

As a general rule of thumb, if you wish to successfully increase sales with product bundles, you must make sure your bundles contain items that are highly complementary.

Products you’re bundling together can’t be generic and they need to have their own UPC/ASIN. After you have successfully chosen products for a bundle, you’ll need to get UPC code specifically for that bundle.

Staying away from categories that aren’t allowed to be bundled is the next thing you should pay attention to. The following categories you should avoid are:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Video
  • DVD

Finally, you shouldn’t miss putting a “Bundle” in a title of the product, and when writing up product bullets on your listing page – you should always mention the number of products you’ve bundled together.

It is crucial for you to bundle the right products initially because after your product bundle is created, you can’t modify it afterward. Of course, an image of all products in a bundle should be used and you should list every single product from the bundle in the title.

You should always pay attention to the cost of the bundled products, so you can easily calculate the price you’ll sell the bundle for. Bundlinglow-priced items are recommended because you can set a higher price for the bundle and the customers Wouldnt mind pay extra.

Bonus tip: Lightweight items are more suitable for bundles than heavy items due to cheaper shipping cost.


How to protect your bundle listing?

Although a product bundle has its Buy Box without much competition, there is still a risk of copycat sellers piggybacking your products. When competitors replicate your bundle, you should utilize an automated repricer to repel the piggybackers. Don’t panic if the copycat appears to be selling the same product bundle at a lower price than yours. Just wait till they sell out then you can set up your repricer to adjust the price of your bundle to a higher price. Then you can sell it at a higher margin because you are the only seller left.



Even though incorrectly bundled products can hurt your store, if you execute correct bundling strategy by following Amazon rules, product bundles can have many benefits for your store.

It’s all about offering complementary products that are convenient for customers to purchase in a bundle for a better price.

By selling product bundles, your store will successfully increase sales, have better profit margins and attract more potential customers. If you aren’t offering product bundles already – it’s time to start bundling products on Amazon now.



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February 26, 2019
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