Amazon Marketing Strategy I – Social Media Campaign Basics

want to know how to do social media marketing for your amazon store?

As an ecommerce seller, if you’re not including social media in your marketing mix, you’re probably missing out on opportunities for customer interaction and new customer acquisition. There’s no limit to the number of platforms you can leverage for your business. So is it better to have a presence on every social media network or only a select few? If you’re a small business or just starting out, you probably only have a limited amount of time and resources to invest in social media. As a result, it’s probably better to focus your efforts on a few websites and manage them well. The key is to determine platforms that are relevant to your customer base. If you’re an Amazon seller with mostly B2C operations, LinkedIn probably wouldn’t be at the top of your list. In comparison, if your products or services are more B2B, then LinkedIn would be a great choice. Similarly, if you sell a product that includes a complicated set of instructions, it might a good idea for you sign up for a Youtube account and post video tutorials.

Track your pages with tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights. They will help in determining whether your hard work has paid off in terms of traffic and sales. Also, actively participate in the social media networks you commit to. Infrequent posting or interaction with your fans and followers provides little value for you and your customers, making it likely for them to unlike or unfollow your page.

If you want to know more, take a look at our next post for social media marketing practices for brand owners!

Published by BQool Marketing on Mar 17, 2015

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March 17, 2015
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