50 Reasons Amazon Sellers Should Use Repricing Software

Literally, off the top of my head, there are at least 1000 reasons to use repricing software.  But I’ll spare you of my brilliance and leave you with the first 50 that come to mind.

Top 50

1. Save time

2. Save energy

3. Reduce exposure to computer screen glare

4. Save your eyes from squinting

5. Reduce wrinkles as a result of constant squinting

6. Reduce the possibility of astigmatism increasing in the eyes due to constant squinting

7. Save money on skin repairing formula to apply on the wrinkles you got due to constant squinting

8. Save gas money from driving to the mall to purchase the skin repairing formula

9. Avoid the possibility of road rage along the way

10. Avoid the possibility of parking rage fighting for the last spot in a crowded parking lot

11. Use saved time to eat a candy bar

12. Use saved time to exercise to burn calories after eating said candy bar

13. Use saved time to walk dog and to keep him in good health

14. Use saved time to walk your dog… err… cat


15. Save money on veterinarian bills by taking preventative measures to help dog avoid heart disease via walking the dog

16. Save gas money from driving to the vet to check dog’s health as a result of him getting too fat with congested arteries as a result of your not having time to walk him

Reason 9

17. Avoid having to look for parking in questionable strip mall

18. Spend more time watching your favorite TV show

19. Spend time understanding why you don’t like certain shows and then falling in love with them, adding them to your collection of favorite TV shows

20. Have time to watch your new favorite TV shows

21. Have time to cook dinner at home

22. Save money from eating out

23. Reduce chances to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing, clicking, and scrolling

24. Increase lifetime of keyboard

25. Increase lifetime of computer mouse

26. Increase lifetime of mouse pad

27. Reduce chances of getting shocked due to friction from constant use of mouse pad

28. Use increase in earnings to purchase a track pad

29. Learn how to use track pad, and become more technologically savvy

30. Increase desk space by returning calculator to dusty closet

31. Use saved time to clear out dusty closet

32. Reduce chances of developing allergies due to a cleaner closet

33. Save money by purchasing less tissues due to improved allergies

34. Save money on electricity by turning off computer and allowing cloud-based software to run repricer

35. Spend more time looking for new products to sell on Amazon

36. Become a greater entrepreneur with more market awareness by increased browsing of Amazon

37. Spend more time with your family

38. Spend more time with your friends

39. Be able to chat casually for a longer time with friends who normally are irritating

40. Have time to make new friends

41. Have time to make up with old friends

42. Make more money to buy gifts for family

43. Have smiles to come home to

44. Feel your work is rewarding

45. Love going to work

46. Have opportunity to reinvest increased profit via increased revenue

47. Increase chance to become a Best Seller on Amazon

48. Save brain cells from doing extra math

49. Use saved brain cells to expand business

50. Make more money while you sleep


Published by BQool Marketing on Jan 27, 2014

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