What Responsibilities Should You Put on Your Amazon Virtual Assistants?


Have you ever heard of Amazon virtual assistants? Virtual assistants are quickly becoming the norm for businesses these days. In Amazon, many sellers use Amazon VAs to help with various tasks that can help the company. Still, not a lot of entrepreneurs or businesses know what VAs are or whether to hire them. Let’s find out the answers to that.

What are Amazon Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are people who provide remote service to businesses or entrepreneurs. They help with a host of things, handling the most important tasks that often eat up the time of a store owner or manager. Many sellers on Amazon use them for tasks to take control of their online stores. Today, even businesses operating their own online store take advantage of virtual assistants. It’s one of the ways you can reinvent your business in 2022.

VAs can take up most of your mundane tasks that can be performed remotely. As a result of their services, your full-time employees can concentrate on more pressing matters. Also, hiring them can help you reduce costs by saving on salary costs and training costs. What’s more important, though, is they can save you a lot of time that equals more money for the business.

Amazon Virtual assistants take care of a variety of tasks, such as:

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Some of them perform general tasks, while others have some specializations. As you know, operating a business involves many responsibilities that often take a lot of time. It is time that you can better spend on more important matters. As a solution, you can hire someone, but that option is often for bigger companies with the money to spare.

For small online stores, you can find a solution in the form of Amazon virtual assistants. They can be part-timers or full-time assistants that can handle specified tasks. The difference with hiring someone in a standard way is VAs perform their work in remote locations. The nature of the job makes virtual assistants ideal for your Amazon store as they are often more affordable.

Virtual assistants are often contractual, which is why many online store owners choose to hire them. Many businesses also prominently use VAs because of the increased use of the Internet in daily business operations. Also, you can take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to offer them the same benefits as a full-time employee.

What Responsibilities Should You Attach to Your VAs?

You are thinking of hiring a Amazon virtual assistant, but you have no idea what kind of responsibilities you can attach to them. As mentioned before, VAs can handle a host of tasks. First, you can list down your most important tasks that take up most of your time. It is from there that you can learn which type of virtual assistant to hire based on your needs.

Here are some tasks for Amazon virtual assistants to give you an idea of what they can do.

  • Fulfilling FBM Orders

Fulfilling orders is one of the responsibilities that often take a lot of your time. But with a VA, you have someone who can take care of order entry, invoicing, and shipping continually. Your Amazon virtual assistant can handle all tasks associated with fulfilling orders for your customers.

  • Listing New Products

Every product’s success involves a lot of time of preparation. It would be great if you can free yourself from that to focus on other tasks. Listing new products is also one of the responsibilities you can attach to your Amazon virtual assistant, which will help you see your Amazon business grow productively.

  • Updating Inventory

If you want customers to keep coming back, updating your inventory is a must. With more orders coming in, the products also change. There are also changes in the product’s descriptive elements that you want to keep track of. Your VA can ensure that customers get precisely what you are selling.

  • Track Information Management

Tracking information about each one of your products is a necessary task. You must manage it, send, and follow up for each customer. Your VA can handle this, providing a tracking number to your customer and setting up the carrier for the packages.

  • Optimize Content Listing

Optimizing content listing involves things such as headlines, calls to action, the content listing’s body, and others. They often make up the difference to a customer buying from you or not. Virtual assistants specializing in SEO and digital marketing can help with this.

  • Providing Answers to Customer Questions

Amazon and many other e-commerce platforms are customer-centered. That means you must reply to questions as soon as possible. Your VA can take care of this, quick enough in answering customer questions accurately, eagerly, and professionally.

  • Replying on Amazon Reviews

Reviews are essential in business, whether they are positive or negative. You can’t simply ignore them, so when you receive any review, you need to reply. It is a responsibility that your VA can help you with, providing honest and professional comments on reviews.

  • Dealing with Customer Feedback

Whatever your customer’s feedback is, you can’t ignore it. It is also an area that you can hand over to a virtual assistant. If you receive positive feedback, their task is to reply to every one of them. On the other hand, your VA must deal with negative customer feedback properly.

  • Creating Product or Writing Content

Content writers are also a type of Amazon virtual assistant, primarily handling content writing and SEO tasks. Part of their job is creating products, such as ebooks or online courses. Most often, though, they write content for product listings.

  • Writing Email Marketing Messages

Content writers must be creative enough to be able to create compelling email marketing messages. It is essential to create subject lines that can draw customers to click and messages that will engage them, thereby improving click-through rates.

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Virtual assistants help business owners and entrepreneurs a lot, especially a business that only just started. Small businesses usually cannot afford more employees to handle these time-consuming but essential tasks. No matter what the scale of your business is, you will need a help desk tool to establish an effective line of communication with your VA and collaborate faster while working remotely. Thus, you can maximize your VA productivity and keep them positive and help you smooth Amazon business operations and support its growth.


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