How to Target Your Audience When Selling on Amazon

Target Amazon audience

For many businesses, turning to Amazon to market their products is their first and only marketing decision, and it’s easy to see why. Choosing to sell on Amazon and use it as a marketing platform can be a valuable decision when it comes to taking your product online. After all, Amazon has a profound global reach. Your products could be found and loved by people you’d have never even imagined. But, with Amazon’s vast troves of products and millions of customers visiting the site daily, how can you ensure the right people seeing your items?

One of the best ways to garner attention and increase sales for your products is by targeting a specific audience. Your audience may be the same that these other products are targeting. But your audience may be somewhat different because your products have certain unique qualities. The ultimate key to success is to draw their attention to them and build interest and loyalty. How you do it in front of Amazon’s vast audience? 


Break up your audience

The first step in targeting potential customers is determining exactly what factors and demographics would lead someone to your product. Would an outdoor enthusiast be interested in your product? Or are you more likely to draw in a couple who just bought their first home? Knowing your audience is critical to capitalizing on the potential market out there.

You might divide your audience into smaller, more manageable groups that you can develop hyper-specific marketing strategies for them. This process is called segmentation, and it allows you to tailor your message to different marketing demographics and draw them all into a similar set of products. Personalized online marketing is more important than ever — millennial and younger generations have come to expect a personalized experience when they deal with a business

On Amazon, a segmentation strategy is likely to help you wrangle the millions of potential customers a bit better and focus on those that are most likely to convert. Amazon even offers tools such as a hashed audience campaign strategy that can target new and existing audiences. This strategy does so by utilizing data from similar marketing demographics and purchasing trends. It’s important to use this information wisely to acquire new audiences.


Take certain actions for custom audience

Reaching a broad, global audience can open up a lot of doors. But it can also mean that you now have to spend more time considering what your audience perceives when they look at your products. For instance, the sizing of a small shirt can be very different in Asia than in the States. If you find that your target audiences are from a wide variety of backgrounds, consider adding product “translations” that can help ensure they are ordering the right thing for them.

Another thing to consider is the average age of your targeted marketing demographic. Younger generations are more likely to open to new technology and personalized marketing, while older generations may be more apt to prefer simpler, more straightforward marketing approaches. Either way, communication with your audience (and your employees) is essential to get through to them.

Finally, stay informed and responsive to customer inquiries. Providing high-quality customer service is another thing that will help your business stands out on Amazon. Answering questions professionally, having a reputable return policy, and developing product quality and variety based on customer interest will help to grow your business.


Diversify your marketing channels

Although Amazon offers a wide variety of services to help sellers grow their business, you can always reach more audience and increase exposure for your products from outside of Amazon. For instance, your company website can be an additional powerful marketing tool for your business. To entice your customers further, you can think of your website as a way to introduce yourself to new customers and include more information beyond your Amazon store to keep current customers engaged.

Another marketing tool you can use to complement selling products on Amazon is social media marketing. Create appealing content to pique your audience’s interest, so you can get them engaged in your content and encourage them to share it within their social networks. You can also consider running ads on Facebook or Google to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings.


Wrapping up

Reaching more audience and creating a target audience strategy for your Amazon business is a journey and takes lots of time and effort. Once you’re ready to start, BQool’s Amazon Seller solutions can support your business along your journey to becoming an Amazon Top Seller.



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