The Top 12 Amazon FBA Podcasts For 2020

Amazon FBA Podcasts

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business is an increasingly popular way to be an entrepreneur in the digital world. But, like any business venture, there’s a big difference between going for it and succeeding at it. When times are tough, sometimes you want a little help from those who’ve made it big in eCommerce. That’s where these FBA podcasts come in: friendly ways to learn more about the industry, get useful tips and tricks, and inspire you to keep going!


Cha-Ching! An eCommerce Podcast

New on the scene, Kevin Wild interviews successful store owners to find out how they made it to where they are now, and what advice they’d give to new starters. It’s a great way to learn about the eCommerce landscape and build up a bank of strategies for growing your own business.


Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast

Giving a real peek behind the curtain, host Kate Valentine bags some exclusive interviews with former and current Amazon employees. The interviews are full of practical information on online selling and advice on entrepreneurship, with a focus on the Amazon Marketplace and FBA. This show is a must-listen for new starters and old pros alike.


My Wife Quit Her Job

If the question hasn’t crossed your mind already, it certainly will soon: could I quit my day job and manage my FBA store full time? That’s where Steve Chou can help, telling stories from his own experience doing exactly that with his wife and their store, Bumblebee Linens. Don’t worry, it’s no horror story, his wife was able to get back to a six-figure salary.


Seller Sessions

Hosted by entrepreneur and FBA specialist Danny McMillan, Seller Sessions is the go-to show for expert tips on becoming a successful Amazon seller. Also, if you’re in the UK, check out Seller Sessions Live, where McMillan is joined by experts in online marketing and sales.


Shopify Masters

Owned and run by Shopify, this podcast has been featuring real stories of entrepreneurs for years. It’s a great listen for anyone looking for tips on marketing or growing an eCommerce business.


The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

Similar to My Wife Quit Her Job, this FBA podcast follows the Smotherman family and how they run their FBA business day-to-day. Replete with tips and tricks to help you grow your own FBA business, Stephen and Rebecca provide valuable information in a warm and inspiring package.


The Ask Jordan Podcast

Jordan Malik has given interviews for CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine, so you know he must have something to say. Malik’s podcast is also a great way to stay in touch with world events and changing trends in business and finance.


eCommerce Fuel

This show is for larger store owners – those already making six or seven figures from their online sales – and is designed to help them make it to the next level. Hosted by Andrew Youderian, eCommerce Fuel provides tips and strategies to boost revenue and marketing capability.


The eCommerce BrainTrust Podcast

Author of ‘The Amazon Expansion Plan’ Kiri Masters brings us this great podcast directed at online entrepreneurs, designed to help establish a brand. The show is comprised of interviews, stories, tips, and advice, all carefully chosen to kick-start your Amazon FBA career.


The Private Labeler Show

In Private Label, Nick Landowski has developed one of the most well-respected and popular podcasts on private label entrepreneurship. Each episode, Nick shares his knowledge of eCommerce selling and speaks to different private label entrepreneurs and eCommerce experts and what advice they would give to anyone else entering into a similar line of work.


Selling on Azon

While being hot to the newest trends in eCommerce is important, it’s also valuable to appreciate the big picture of online selling. That’s what you get from listening to James J. Jones, who has been working in online marketing since 1983 and is now imparting his long-established wisdom in podcast form.


The Amazing Seller Podcast

If you could only listen to one podcast a week, let it be this. Scott Voelker runs the gamut of selling experience and is suitable for new starters, seasoned veterans and everyone in between. He specializes in in-depth discussions of challenges facing online sellers, providing invaluable advice to overcome them and grow your business.


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