Which Cosmetic Products you can Resell on Amazon in 2023?

Beauty products are very popular on Amazon, and the popularity of this category would not wane all year round, people love buying make up products to glamorize their appearances. With the popularity of makeup tutorials and skincare routines videos on social media, people pay more attention to their appearance and health. A lot of potential buyers look for the finest makeup or skin care products on Amazon 

As you know, makeup requires many different products, this means there are many sourcing opportunities for you to make extra cash reselling a variety of items in this category. You are not only limited to makeup products, but you can also extend your sourcing to skin care, cosmetic products, and beauty accessories. The sky is the limit!  

We have spotted different products you might be interested in, and you can add to your list.   


Before Starting… 


First, before you start sourcing makeup products, you must make sure you have the authorization to resell them on Amazon. You need to spot the potential products you are interested in and then after you receive the brand approval, you can start to source.  

Here are the latest makeup trends we have spotted on diverse social media platforms and the internet. 

Make up Trends  

The Grunge style from the 90’s  

As you know, trends are like seasons, they eventually come back. Like this nostalgic homage to the 90’s makeup and the grunge aesthetic style. From fashion shows to TV shows, 2023 will continue to have some taste for defiance and messy styles. If you like to scroll on social media, you can find many makeup tutorials online dedicated to the grunge style from the 90’s. 



What would be grunge makeup without dark eyeshadows and matte dark lipsticks? Indeed, eyeshadow is an essential part of grunge makeup, but there are plenty of techniques and products that can be used to create this style. These are just examples of what you can potentially source and resell on your Amazon store: 

It is difficult to give you a precise average price for these two items, because they will depend on the makeup brand and the makeup ingredients. 


The Glitters Make Up (Gems)  

According to Vogue Magazine, glitter, pearls, and all facial embellishments will continue to be a trend in 2023. Adhesive rhinestones bring the makeup to the next level and could be additional to complete a makeup style. This is perfect for you, if you are looking for some products to resell in the beauty category and which are not makeup products. 


Acrylic Rhinestone, the average price is between $5-$12. 


60’s Make-up Trend  

What would be a 60’s makeup trend without the iconic Twiggy’s eyeliner style? As we mentioned before makeup trends are never out of style. No matter how old they are, they eventually come back. Although, this trend has been around for a long time since 2021 and The Queen’s Gambit popular Netflix show



Eyeliner and fake eyelashes are essential for reproducing Twiggy iconic eyes’ makeup. 


The average price for fake eyelashes is between $7 and $20. 

Pastel Eyeshadow 

If you look for makeup products that pop up, you can source Pastel Eyeshadow, a big trend this year. 


Graphic Liner 

We have spotted on the fashion shows, Graphic liner is a 2023 trend. Indeed, some people really appreciate makeup with a touch of audacity. Eyeliner is a basic makeup product. 

This kind of makeup requires products like kohl, liquid eyeliners, eyeshadows.  


The price of eyeliner pencil is between $5 -$15 

The average price for makeup brushes is between $9 and $25. 

Brushes can be another product you can source in 2023. Indeed, precise makeup requires precise material such as makeup brushes with varied sizes and shapes. 

Siren Eyes Make Up 

Extremely popular on Tik Tok, you can find many tutorials to learn how to make this smudgy eyeliner. Here we suggest you source Brushes and eyeshadows since they are the main products to realize this style. 


The average price for smoky eyeshadow with four colors is between $6 and $25. 

Skin Care & Cosmetics Tools  

Beauty category gives you the opportunity to make money, even if you do not resell makeup products, you can still resell small accessories for applying makeup such as brushes, precise eyeliner brushes, eyelashes curler etc… You can even extend your research to skin care tools; more people are looking for products to take care of and improve their appearance. 

Reusable Makeup Remover 

People look for ecofriendly alternatives to cotton single-use makeup remover. A reusable makeup remover round could be something that buyers are interested in. In addition, these are small items, easy to source and affordable. The price depends on the materials and the number of pieces in one set. As you can see the estimated sales for this product are around 2.506/month. 




Eyelashes Curler 

This product is a basic makeup tool and no matter the period of the year or the latest makeup trends, you can source and resell curlers for eyelashes, they are never out of fashion. The average price for this kind of item is between $5 and $12 for a basic one.  


Ice Roller for Face & Body 



Ice Roller is also a very trendy product this year and based on our research on Amazon and on the internet, ice roller massage face is the popular face massage tool now. Easy to source, they can be found in Walmart and Target. The average price is between $10 and $30. 

Hair Diffuser  


If you are looking for accessories to source and resell them in the beauty category, we recommend you hair accessories such as Hair Diffuser. The average price for this product is between $10 and $25. As you can see the Estimated Sales for this item are 4011/month. This is a very promising beauty accessory to resell on Amazon. 

Heatless Hair Curler Curling Rod Headband Overnight 


According to our research on Tik Tok, heatless hair curler products are popular right now. As you can see the estimated sales for this product are 26,667/ month. Indeed, many people are looking for heatless techniques to curl their hair. The average price for this heatless hair curler is from $5 to $12 on Amazon. 

If you look at the graph below, the price for this item increases every two months then decreases and stabilizes for a couple of months. 


The products that we recommend are only examples that you can look at to find the inspiration to source the right products and have a successful Q2 on Amazon. Then we also suggest you use social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest to keep you informed of the latest beauty trends. They are gold mines! Finally, our last recommendation is to use analytics tools such as Selleramp and Keepa to help you spot the potential items you can source and boost your sales this year! 

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Pauline Thoméré

March 14, 2023
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