Amazon Buy Box: Everything You Need to Know [Infographic]

Amazon is a platform where millions of shoppers can browse through products easily and quickly. Because of that, Amazon merchants don’t need to vigorously promote their stores and products to grab consumers’ attention. However, this means fierce competition between sellers always present on Amazon as there are multiple merchants offering the same products. In such a competitive environment, sellers must fight for the Amazon Buy Box, a 1-click Add-to-Cart button. Winning and dominating the Buy Box on Amazon translates into more sales for sellers. To prepare yourself before joining the battle, you need to understand what Buy Box is and how it works so that you can win the Buy Box at every possible moment.


Amazon Buy Box Infographic


As Amazon Buy Box plays a vital role in your business performance, BQool is here to help you boost your chance of winning the Buy Box! BQool’s AI Repricer not only allows you to instantly adjust your price but also intelligently maximize sales, increase profit and raise Buy Box price through a machine learning algorithm. All you need to do is to create min price, max price, and select the AI rules, and then our repricer automatically offers price predictions that can win the buy box. 

On the other hand, to increase your seller rating, you can use BQool’s BigCentral all-in-one seller tool to request a review, discover profitable products, run comprehensive financial reports, and more. Check out Repricing Central and BigCentral to see how handy they are.


This blog post was originally published in July 2016 and was updated in May 2021 due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.


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