Ecommerce News Roundup: June Recap


Amazon has made many updates in the last month. Here are Amazon news and updates recap in June.

Prime Day 2022: the Japanese Small Medium Business Campaign

Investing in the success of small medium business is a fundamental part of our work at Amazon and we know that customers share our commitment to supporting small medium businesses in their communities.

Starting on June 21, 2022, through July 11, 2022, customers globally who shop items sold by eligible small medium businesses selling on will be entered for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards, valued up to 100,000 JPY. Customers can earn one entry for every 100 JPY spent on purchases from small medium businesses selling on

This campaign is fully funded by Amazon to help connect customers with local small medium businesses selling in its store. The Japanese small medium business campaign will be offered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia.

If your products are included in the campaign, you will receive an email on 23, 2022.

For more information on eligibility, go to our Japanese Small Medium Business Campaign FAQ.

To learn more about the promotion, go to Amazon’s Small and Medium Businesses page.

Signature Confirmation Service

This will be effective on Jun 23, 2022. Amazon recommends adding “signature confirmation” to orders with a high risk of being reported as “not received” or “lost”.

You can purchase “signature confirmation” service when you select shipping for these orders in “Buy Shipping“.

How the service works:

Our machine learning technology identifies high-risk orders by analyzing hundreds of signals, such as delivery problems, item value, and delivery address.

High-risk orders will be flagged on your Manage Orders page under the “Order Status” column with a “signature confirmation recommended” message.

If you proceed with the recommendation, the cost of the signature confirmation service will be added to your shipping fee.

If a buyer reports a signature-confirmed order as “lost” or “not received” Amazon will conduct additional checks on that buyer’s account. Any refunds or claims we grant without your involvement will be eligible for appeal.

Additional fees:

The signature confirmation recommendation is offered to sellers at no cost. However, signature confirmation implementation is a separate carrier service for which carriers charge an additional fee.

The service charge varies by carrier, but on average costs between $3 and $6 for each order.

You will be responsible for the additional shipping costs incurred for implementing the signature confirmation recommendations. Signature confirmation is recommended.


Send to Amazon will Replace Send/replenish Inventory Function

On September 1, 2022, Send to Amazon will replace the Send/replenish inventory workflow as part of our ongoing efforts to make shipment creation simpler and more flexible.

Important dates

August 31 is the last day on which you can create shipments using Send/replenish inventory.

Starting September 1, the old workflow will no longer be available. All new FBA shipments must be created either in Send to Amazon or with the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API or Selling Partner API.

Send to Amazon features

Thousands of FBA sellers already use Send to Amazon, our streamlined shipment-creation workflow. The updated workflow lets you do the following:

Create shipments with simplified steps that include training videos.

Create reusable case-pack templates to save box-level information and prep and labeling details when you use the same configuration for single-SKU boxes. With these templates, you can avoid re-entering the details each time that you replenish inventory.

Add both single-SKU and mixed-SKU boxes to the same workflow.

Pack your boxes in advance or just in time when you’re ready to ship.

Starting today, when you create shipments from Manage Inventory, Manage FBA Inventory, or Restock Inventory, you’ll be directed to Send to Amazon automatically. You can also access Send to Amazon from your Shipping Queue. You can continue to access the old workflow for new shipment creation until August 31.

For more information, you can check FBA shipment creation changes to Send to Amazon.

FBA New Selection Program

FBA New Selection program makes the launch of new products on FBA more accessible by offering free storage, free removal, and free return processing of your new-to-FBA ASINs. In addition, brand owners who complete Brand Registry can take advantage of a monthly rebate of 5% on their sales of branded ASINs.

The program offers below benefits for new-to-FBA ASINs:

– Free monthly storage for 90 days and free removals for 180 days for a limited number of units.

– Additional storage, removal and return benefits for clothing, shoes and bags.

– 5% rebate of branded ASIN sales price. The rebate is applied against fulfilment fees for brand owners who complete brand registry.

In order to start receiving your benefits on new selection, enroll here. Once enrolled, the mentioned benefits will be automatically applied in each store with an active account. You can use these benefits for an unlimited number of new parents ASINs.

In addition, use the FBA New Selection Dashboard to track which ASINs are receiving benefits and the use of each benefit.


3 Steps to Earn a Bonus on Your Non-Amazon Marketing

The Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) helps you make your marketing budget go further.

When you direct your non-Amazon marketing traffic to Amazon, you earn a bonus averaging 10% of the sale of the promoted product, and any of the brand’s products purchased by the customer in the subsequent two weeks.

The bonus is provided as a credit toward your seller referral fees.

We’ve condensed all the information you require to get started into three simple steps. Download the BRB 3-Step guide.

For more information you can check this page.

FBA Opportunities Tool

FBA Opportunities is a tool that analyzes your catalog and recommends which ASINs to enroll in various Prime programs, such as FBA and FBA Small and Light.

The tool uses a machine-learning system to identify products in your catalog (seller’s catalog) that would benefit from an FBA program. For instance, an ASIN that is eligible for FBA may also qualify for FBA Small and Light, which offers lower fees.

FBA Opportunities recommends any promotions that your products are eligible for.

Because we (Amazon) can’t access your cost data, recommendations don’t factor in your costs.



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June 29, 2022
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