Amazon Holiday Selling Strategies & Tips

Christmas is undeniably the most important time for online sellers all over the world. It is also one of the busiest time for online shoppers, online sellers and for Amazon themselves! During this peak festive season, it’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game in order to stand out amongst your competition and make the most of the holiday season! Here are the Amazon Holiday Selling Strategies.

How big is the holiday season?

It’s a known fact, that the holiday season makes a major part of Amazon’s annual business. Here are a few fun facts as per last year’s Christmas season to give you an idea as to how big your opportunity is!

  • Amazon sold enough 4K televisions to be 9 times the height of Mt. Everest when stacked!
  • A total of 10,451 carats of Diamonds were purchased.
  • A wristwatch was purchased every 1.5 seconds!
  • Amazon sold enough running shoes to be able to go around the globe 18,603 times!
  • Amazon sold enough Jenga bricks to that span the height of the Empire State Building 70 Times!

This gives us a small glimpse into the sheer scale of business that Amazon does in the festive season. And more importantly, it shows the incredible opportunity that sellers actually have to stand out amongst their competition and significantly boost their sales.

Amazon Holiday Selling Strategies A: How much competition do you have?

Although we have established the large volume in which Amazon does business, it raises the question of what you’re up against during the holiday season. The scramble of the festive season results in a majority of the online sellers to try to maximize their visibility around the holiday season.

Amazon has over 2 millions sellers worldwide; these sellers vary significantly in size. The smaller sellers put emphasis on driving traffic to their products to maximize their visibility; simultaneously larger sellers put emphasis on standing their ground and maintaining their share. So it is important for sellers to maintain a balance and be sufficiently prepared for the wide variety of competition that they can expect.

Amazon Holiday Selling Strategies B: What can you do to stand out?

Now that we have established that the holiday season is as big as it is cut-throat, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for the holiday rush by making the necessary modifications to your products and store. Here are a few handy tips that you can use to help you stand out:

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): Be sure to sign up for fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon’s FBA service gives sellers a huge upper hand. Amazon will fulfill your orders themselves, resulting in a significant drop in delivery time and spike in visibility. Additionally, Prime members shop more than twice as much as regular customers which will give you a better opportunity to stand out and increase your sales.
  • 2-day shipping: Statistics showed that 1 and 2-day shipping was one of the most important criteria that a customer kept in mind when purchasing a product. Signing up for FBA will allow you to increase your sales online with the promise of 1 or 2-day shipping. You can read more about the advantages of quick shipping here.
  • Optimize your listing: Make sure all the details of your products are absolutely clear, the keywords you have used are correct, and the products description of the product covers all of its features.
  • Use good images: This is simple. But very important. Make sure that the images that you use look good and are high quality. The images are a major deciding factor for a consumer while buying a product.
  • Run sponsored ads for your products to increase the visibility of your products.
  • Drive traffic to your products from other sources: Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your store on Amazon.
  • Tracking Analytics: Use your past data to understand the trends and your popular products in order to make a projection of your sales. Based on which, you will be able to predict the demand to a certain degree of accuracy.

Amazon Holiday Selling Strategies C: What to avoid?

  • Images: Avoid using unclear images or any images that contain text, watermarks or logos apart from the product. Be sure to keep it simple and keep it clear.
  • Presentation: Avoid using complicated descriptions for your products. Describe the product clearly.
  • Vague Titles: Avoid having an unnecessarily vague title for your products. Try to keep the title basic and descriptive while only keeping relevant keywords in it.

  • Promotional Messages: Amazon prides itself on having all of their information easily available. Therefore, they frown upon additional promotional messages added by sellers the product title and description. So refrain from adding unnecessary additional information to your title and description.

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