Repricing New User Webinar Recap

Amazon Repricing Webinar New User edition

BQool wants to say big thanks to everyone for tuning into the Repricing New User Webinar last night! We really enjoyed getting a chance to meet and welcome you to the BQool community. In case you missed it, the new user webinar is a live 1-hour session where you get the opportunity to learn the basics of repricing from BQool staff. In addition, we’re joined by experienced BQool user and community moderator Chris Pueppke, who generously shares his own experience as well as providing additional insight on how to use repricing. Below is a recap and link to the replay video:

(1) We start with an overview of the major features including repricing plan and speed, listings management, automated setup, profit calculator, rule scenarios, dashboard, and reports.

(2) The live demo portion goes inside the interface to teach you how to navigate the features and start setting up.

(3) We cover the various user resources that we offer including our support site, Youtube videos, Facebook, affiliate program, and customer support.

(4) We are offering a special promotion until the end of June. Subscribe for a year and get an additional 15% off the annual subscription!

Coupon code: 6AH4DXKD

(5)We close the session with Q & A from the audience. Some questions we answered are:

Q: How to pause repricing for a group of listings? A: Select the listings and use Bulk Actions to pause.

Q: Where to find the profit calculator? A: Calculators are found on each SKU next to the min/max/your price fields.

Q: How do you import cost from Inventory Lab? A: Download the IL Closed batch report, copy to BQool’s bulk upload file, and upload.

July’s new user webinar has already been scheduled. Take advantage of the free monthly webinar by registering here:

>>>BQool Repricing New User Webinar<<<


If you have any feedback or questions for the webinar, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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