The Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2020

Amazon Seller Tools 2020

We’re already three months in 2020, but it’s never too late to prepare and surround yourself with some helpful Amazon Seller Tools that could change the way you sell on Amazon.

Here’s a list of some useful Amazon seller solutions and services to help simplify your business and increase your online sales and profit.



Keywords are essential for every Amazon seller, and there’s no better way to research keywords than using a keywords tool designed for Amazon sellers such as KeyworX.

KeyworX is full of keywords in any niche that help Amazon sellers get their products seen by more customers, appear in more searches, and even increase the chances of making more sales.

As an Amazon seller, you should get on top of the keywords as soon as possible. If you still haven’t, a tool such as KeyworX is simple yet efficient to help Amazon sellers get accurate keywords to have a high product ranking on Amazon.


Amazon Seller App

Every Amazon seller should download the official Amazon Seller App to make selling simple and efficient. Sellers can use the app to analyze sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, and manage inventory.

The best function of the app is it allows users to find new products to sell by scanning product bar codes for some information, including current prices, sales rank, estimated profitability, and customer reviews.

This app is free to download from the Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon only for registered Amazon sellers.



Shopkeeper is an ideal low-priced tool for Amazon sellers that can help new and seasoned sellers calculate the profit & loss, margins, storage fees, and sales tax, of their products.

With a sophisticated and intuitive profit dashboard, sellers can reduce a great deal of manual efforts to stay informed with the key financial aspect of the business without manual reports and calculations.



Customer feedback & reviews are critical for every Amazon seller and a tool such as BigCentral can help you increase feedback acquisition through its AI-Powered solution.

The feature can help sellers to take the headache out of how to write an appeal email by automatically assigning optimal email subjects and the best delivery for each email campaign.


Repricing Central

Pricing is the key to arbitrageur’s success, so using a repricing tool can increase chances to dominate the Buy Box and protect profits.

Repricing Central is one of the go-to tools for Amazon resellers and arbitrageurs that allow them to set the repricing rules for dealing with multiple pricing scenarios such as Double Buy Box, Suppressed Buy Box, and more.



Multi-channel selling is one of approaches to scale your Amazon business. However, managing multiple marketplaces can become a headache.

A good multichannel listing tool like Sellbery can sync all product and inventory data between the top marketplaces from a single platform in order to provide consistent product information and avoid overselling.



Running PPC ads for your listing can get your listing noticed and bring potential sales on Amazon, but how do you measure it worth every penny?

Amazon PPC management software can help you track your PPC campaign and analyze the ad performance.

SellerApp PPC Analyzer is designed to maximize your PPC profitability, and sellers can eliminate wasted ad spends and optimize the listing according to the actionable insights from its graphical dashboard.


This guest post is provided by Dario Lemut.


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April 10, 2020
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