BigCentral Update – Introducing Profit Dashboard & Reports


In the upcoming BigCentral September update, Profit Dashboard and Report will be added to BigCentral to help users analyze their profits and coststrack Amazon sales & fees, visualize trends, and run comprehensive profit reports. 


The dashboard consolidates your sales and Amazon fees and presents an easy-to-read and configurable graph for a quick understanding of your company’s financial status. The graph allows you to view your business performance by accountchannel, and date range.  


Multiple metrics are included in the profit dashboard, they are broken down into 

  • Sales and reimbursements 
  • Orders, Returns and refunds 
  • Refund cost, promotion cost, advertising cost, and Amazon fees 
  • Gross profits 


Two chosen metrics can be compared on the dashboard at one time to help you better understand your business. 

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The dashboard also contains a build-in currency converter which automatically converts between most of the currencies used on the existing Amazon marketplaces. 

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The Profit Dashboard provides Profit & Loss statement for users with accounting needs 

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And the detailed statement can be downloaded for further evaluation. 

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Product dashboard comes with product performance table that gives an overview on each listing’s sales amount, order number, profit, and other performance indicators. Switching between different tabs on the table offers insights to users’ best-selling products, most profitable products, most returned products, and more.  

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For power users who wish to analyze and deep dive into their product sales data, Profit Reports will fulfill this need. There are three types of profit reports that present data in greater detail. 


  • Daily Profit
    Compare the current and historical performance of your store by accountchannel, and date range to uncover hidden trends and discover your business potential. 
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  • Profit & Loss
    A summary of your financial standing and its statement can be downloaded in an instant. MicrosoftTeams-image (28)
  • Product Performance
    Product performance data can also be downloaded for further evaluation.
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BigCentral will Automate Email Follow Up Campaigns for Reviews and Feedback 


The all-new Profit Dashboard will be introduced to BigCentral in the September update to help users track Amazon sales & fees, visualize trends, and run comprehensive profit reports. 

The dashboard provides comprehensive profit analytics that instantly visualizes your profitability with a detailed overview of the performance of your store. 


Profit & Loss statement is also provided to give you a summary of your financial standing and its statement can be downloaded in an instant. 

The brand new daily profit and profit and loss reports will be added to this update as well.  

With the inclusion of daily profit, you can compare the current and historical performance of your store by accountchannel, and date range to uncover hidden trends and discover your business potential.  

Product dashboard comes with a product performance table that gives an overview on each listing’s sales amount, order number, profit, and other performance indicators. Switching between different tabs on the table offers insights to users’ best-selling products, most profitable products, and more. Product performance data can also be downloaded for further evaluation. 

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