Ecommerce News Roundup: July Recap


We’ve provided an overview of some of the past month’s top Amazon news. Check out the Amazon latest moves and headlines below.

Update Expiration Dates on Products Sellers Facing Policy (EU)

Amazon has updated the Product Exceptions list that you can sell through Amazon stores” with “Product Exceptions list for products are not mandated to include an expiry date on the physical product and

Amazon added a hyper link to the restricted product policy to help you navigate between both policies. Important note: If you are shipping products that consider as expirable product note that it is important to adhere to our customer order fulfilment process and product preparation requirements.

Not complying with product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions is a violation of Amazon policy and may result in customer complaints, purchase order exclusions, chargebacks, and account-level exclusions.

Amazon considers any product that has an end of shelf life or loses effectiveness with time to be subject to expiration, even if an expiration date is not indicated on the product packaging. This includes products that have components that can expire, such as a coffee machine that is sold bundled with a coffee

Review the Policy in details, and start follow the guideline for it.

Restricted Products (Japan)

Magnet sets will be added to the Other products in the Restricted Products Help page effective on August 29, 2022.

Magnet sets:

When listing or selling magnet sets (for example, multiple magnetic balls or magnetic cubes that are small enough to be swallowed by a child being sold as a set), you must meet the following requirements:

There is no language indicating or suggesting that the magnet set is intended for use by children or for their educational purpose.

The product detail page must contain the following disclaimers:

Suitable age: 14 years and over

There are multiple reported serious cases of children requiring surgery to remove the magnets they swallowed from the intestines. Keep the magnets away from all children to prevent them from swallowing.

Multiple Help Pages (Japan)

Help pages will be updated with the effective date of August 15, 2022.

– Quasi Drugs & Cosmetics

– Dietary Supplements

– Drugs

– Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products

The details of the main revisions are as follows.

The following will be added to the examples of prohibited listings.


Products containing substances (for example, THC-O, HHC-O, BMPEA, etc.) that are considered to have similar effects to controlled substances.

In addition, Amazon will update the URLs that have broken links in each page.

Buy Shipping Service Enabled for Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders (Japan)

Buy Shipping Service is a service that allows sellers to use Amazon negotiated shipping fee to ship customer orders from their own warehouses.

When Amazon initially launched Buy shipping Service, it was not available for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders.

Starting from July 2022, Amazon enabled Buy Shipping for SFP orders. Sellers who participate in SFP program can now use Buy Shipping to fulfill SFP orders.

See Ship from Japan with Buy shipping for more detail on how to use this service.

Customer Experience Metrics

Price Competitiveness

Amazon Prime Eligibility

In-stock Rate

*Selection Completeness (Selection Completeness information is not yet available for all brands)
All metrics are calculated and updated once a day. Allow 48 hours for changes to be reflected on this page.

The competitive price is the lowest price found for this item at other reputable and relevant retailers outside of Amazon. It does not include the prices from other Selling Partners in the Amazon store.

Actions: only Automate Pricing solution or Manually Update Price

Offering a wide variety of selection can help ensure a great customer experience, improve traffic and sales, and build customer loyalty.

You can find seller metrics section on this page

Note: Selection Completeness is evaluated based on the selection you offer (either directly or through a retail relationship) compared against all your brand’s products in the Amazon store, weighted by their popularity within the last 12 months.

You can use the Brand Catalog Manager to identify selection without a brand-direct offer.

Note: Selection completeness information is not yet available for all brands.

Prime Eligibility

Amazon calculates Prime Eligibility by measuring the portion of page views for your offers that were not eligible for Prime over the trailing 30 days. This means that your most viewed products influence your customer experience performance in comparison to products with fewer page views. Products that are out-of-stock or inactive do not account for this metric.

In-stock Rate

Amazon has noticed that when products go out-of-stock it has both a short-term and long-term effect on traffic and sales. In-stock Rate is calculated by measuring the portion of page views on your replenishable branded products that were in-stock over the trailing 30 days. Products with closed or suppressed listings do not account for this metric.

3 Steps to Earn a Bonus on Your Non-Amazon Marketing

The Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) helps you make your marketing budget go further.

When you direct your non-Amazon marketing traffic to Amazon, you earn a bonus averaging 10% of the sale of the promoted product, and any of the brand’s products purchased by the customer in the subsequent two weeks.

The bonus is provided as a credit toward your seller referral fees.

Amazon has condensed all the information you require to get started into three simple steps. Download the BRB 3-Step guide.



FBA Opportunities

Grow your business by enrolling these recommended high potential ASINs in FBA programs.

Amazon recommends which FBM listings to convert for FBA listings based on the seller’s item catalog.

FBA Opportunities is a tool that analyzes your catalog and recommends which ASINs to enroll in various Prime programs, such as FBA and FBA Small and Light.

The tool uses a machine-learning system to identify products in your catalog (seller’s catalog) that would benefit from an FBA program. For instance, an ASIN that is eligible for FBA may also qualify for FBA Small and Light, which offers lower fees.

FBA Opportunities recommends any promotions that your products are eligible for.Because Amazon can’t access your cost data, recommendations don’t factor in your costs.

Find Opportunities by search
– Enter a search term to find product niches

Sales Potential Score (out of 10):

is a number between 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score. It indicates the relative potential sales of a new product in this niche compared to other niches in the same product category. The score is based on historical data from product sales, customer search volume, seasonality and other input signals.

Price Range: Minimum and maximum selling price (over the last 360 days) for products in this niche

(New) Niche Details – Trends

Data: last 7 days

Brand Dominance:

Below 50% is better for new product to get into the amazon lower is better.

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August 4, 2022
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