Ecommerce News Roundup: May Recap



We’ve provided an overview of some of the past month’s important Amazon news. Check out Amazon’s latest moves and headlines below.

I. Fulfillment by Amazon of Revenue Calculator 2.0 (EU)


The new interface features include:
• Comparison across stores and fulfilment programs
•Collapsible sections
•Expandable sections for optional services, additional cost inputs and VAT.

No Storage cost & Estimated VAT at manage inventory (Estimated net proceeds $14.31).

Revenue Calculator 2.0 vs Manage Inventory Estimated fee per unit sold

The Old Version of Revenue Calculator will be retired on 2022-08-31, if you want more information, you can check this page. You can have access to the new calculator here.

New FBA calculator picture

II.Marketplace Product Guidance (Last Update)


The market place is divided into 3 categories:

  • Global Demand for your products
  • New Selection Recommendations
  • Category Insights

Global Demand for Your Products

Grow your business by expanding offers globally. Select a ‘source store’ below in which you are already selling to see a personalized list of products from your existing catalog there that have demand in ‘target stores’. Opportunity score and other information shown on the page are generated based on estimated demand for your product in the target store and your unique ability to succeed with the product.

New Selection Recommendations

Grow your business in the Marketplaces where you currently sell. Below is the list of products, which are high in demand and low in offer in the marketplace. These recommendations are personalized for you based on the categories in which you are actively selling products.

As a reseller, you can expand your catalog by listing recommended products. As brand owners you can review the products that are high in demand and low in offer to get new product ideas.

What is opportunity score?

A multitude of factors are taken into consideration to determine the demand such as customer glance views, sale velocity, sale conversion etc., for your products for the next 120 days. The opportunity score ranges between 750 to 1000. A perfect opportunity score “1000” means high demand for your product in the international marketplace and success of selling in the given marketplace.

Category Insights

Category Insights provides buyer preferences, selection and offer depth metrics for various categories in the marketplaces in which you currently sell. As a seller, you can expand your catalog with right products based on below insight.

Amazon officially started marking official private labels in search results on its platform using Amazon brand or Exclusive to Amazon.  

Amazon Brand

III. Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Prime Day 2022


👉 Tip #1: Monitor the Deals Dashboard and ensure your Deals are not suppressed. In the run up before your deal is due to go live, it may go into a suppressed status due to stock, SKU, pricing, or compliance issues. Log into Seller Central, head to “Advertising,” and edit the sections highlighted in red for your suppressed deals to make them live again.


👉 Tip #2: Do not change your price.There is no need to change your price to the deal price, as we will automatically update based on the price you have submitted in Seller Central. If you change your current offer price, then the deal is at risk of becoming suppressed as it may no longer meet the discount criteria required.


👉 Tip #3: Perform quality checks on your Deals and the relevant SKUs. Check the quality of your deals so that customers have a great experience discovering and shopping for your products. The image of your deal should be on a white background. Bullet points on the detail page should accurately reflect the product on sale. If you’re brand registered, check your A+ content, as this is a great way to share additional information about the brand or products


For more information concerning Prime Day and Eligibility Criteria you can check this official page.

If you want to have more tips you can take a look at our last article Prime Day Infographic 2022.



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