The BQool Feedback Central Update is here!

BQool is happy to announce the release of its Feedback Central update. Please read on to find out more about the updated features of this wonderful Amazon feedback software. We have also included two instructional videos below to explain the update in further detail and how to utilize the new features.
  • The built-in HTML editor enables users to create more attractive and personalized email campaigns. Users can insert images, hyperlinks and can also make amendments to the email’s design to effectively reach and engage with their buyers.
  • Default campaign is now called Sample campaign. By copying our template, users can then edit the content as they wish.
  • The language that you choose for your email campaign will correspond to your chosen marketplace.


Feedback Central – Sample Campaign Introduction


Feedback Central – How to Set up your Email Campaign



If you’re not already a user of BQool’s Feedback Central – Visit our website today for a 30 day Free Trial 


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