How to Find Seasonal Niche & Sell More in This Halloween?

How to Find Seasonal Niche & Sell More in This Halloween?

It’s never too early to start preparing for the spookiest day of the year. That’s right! It’s Halloween, which always falls on the 31st of October.

Although many of you are only looking for products that they can sell all-year-round when they do product research, you can still consider selling seasonal niche to stimulate your sales during a holiday like Halloween as selling numerous holiday & seasonal-themed products can certainly attract many shoppers who are looking for those products.


Benefits of selling seasonal niche products

Seasonal products aren’t for everyone. But if you choose to take the risk, the potential benefits will include:

  • Attract new customers for your brand
    While year-round products would have a constant demand, offering seasonal niche products can increase your chance of reaching out to new customers. Those who purchase seasonal products are probably different to your year-round customers. They won’t visit your store until they see you are offering seasonal products that they may purchase for themselves or for someone else. If they are satisfied with your products and services, they may become returning customers and recommend your store to their friends.
  • Boost sales for a short period of time
    Your sales might be less than ideal in a slow season. Usually, sellers will adopt a discount pricing strategy to increase sales and market share. Although discount pricing is an effective way to increase your sales for a short period of time, it may cause your shoppers to learn to wait for these sales, thus lowering your profit margins.

    Small businesses can be affected by the ups-and-downs of seasonal demand, so offer your customers the right products at the right time can help to increase sales and revenue. For example, if you are selling bathroom curtains, you can sell Halloween-themed curtains to meet shoppers’ holiday decorating needs, and you don’t have to sacrifice profits.


Two ways of conducting product research

Selling seasonal products is a high yield investment that offers additional return, but high returns come with a greater risk. If you plan ahead and equip your business with the resources and right inventory to ride the seasonal trends, then it’s all worth the risk. Here are two ways that you can conduct effective Amazon product research:

1. Conduct Product Research Manually

If you want to do product research by yourself, Amazon is a valuable source of information. The right information will let you predict potential best sellers. This includes the following:

Outside of Amazon:

Once you have an idea about the seasonal niche and the potential bestsellers, you can check whether the product is in-demand or not by the following ways:

The next step is to track and analyze your competitors what they are doing. If they sell the products similar to yours? You can check their product listing pages, social media channels, or their official websites to get insights regarding the product reviews and ratings, average selling prices, sales, and etc.


2. Automate Your Product Research

Performing thorough product research requires a lot of work. Some Amazon sellers now utilize a product research tool that can quickly provide them with actionable insights

A smart product research and scouting tool like BigTracker has a Chrome Extension that helps you make the right product sourcing decisions. The extension can display the sales metrics of all listings on a single page without time-consuming manual actions.


The key metrics you should look at

  • The number of product reviews
    This metric weighs the potential success of a product because it indicates the market demand a product has.
  • Sales rank
    A growing sales rank and positive product reviews would reflect the likelihood of a particular product becoming a hot seller in the future.
  • Est. revenue
    The estimated revenue gives sellers an idea of the revenue a particular product can generate.


Top trending Halloween product ideas

We have put together five popular Halloween categories, which you can treat them as a starting point for your product research or product scouting for profitable products.

  1. Candies
    Candies are essential for both children and adults to do trick or treating on Halloween. Besides selling candies, products related to candy packaging and accessories like ziplock bags, twist ties, and pouch bags can also be hot-selling seasonal niche because people would need to repackage sweets into several smaller bags for party guests.
  2. Costumes / Accessories
    Costumes are another essential for Halloween. If you consider selling in this category, you need to make sure you stay on trend with all the hottest and most popular Halloween costume ideas. Here’s a list of 2018 Popular Halloween Costumes ranking to give you a better idea on how to find the right products that are growing in popularity so you can generate more revenue in Halloween this year.

    Another tip worth mentioning is that you should pay attention to the trendy movies for the present year. Popular movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Avengers Endgame will likely be the most popular costume ideas for shoppers.

    Last but not least, your customers may need a makeup kit or accessory to complete their Halloween getup. Vampire outfits will not be recognized without some makeup and fake blood.

  3. Decorations
    Spooky Halloween decorations create the perfect atmosphere for a fun and fright night. It’s very common to see that many people spend days making their homes both indoors and outdoors look scary and fun.
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    In addition to making their houses to look a lot more interesting, decorating can also serve both practical and eye-pleasing purposes. For example, a shower curtain is an essential part of any bathroom for many households, and it’s an inexpensive and effortless way to spruce up the look of your home this Halloween.

  4. Lamps / Lighting
    What makes horror movies so scary? Well, a lot of it has to do with lighting. A multi-purpose light can be applied to different scenes.

    The light can be brightened for a romantic atmosphere or be dimmed down to create a scary atmosphere by using different lamp shade covers.
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  5. Greeting cards Some people prefer celebrating Halloween peacefully. Sending a holiday greeting card with some fang-tastic Halloween wishes to their family and friends is a classic way to put a smile on their faces.

The key to unlocking a huge profit potential

The product research tool is not only for finding Amazon niche products to sell but also for spying on competitors’ sales performance. To accelerate the process of product research and tracking your niche competitor, you can utilize BigTracker to find the best product opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Hopefully, this article will help you to discover Halloween profit potential and transform your product research ideas into a reality.

Haven’t tried BigTracker yet? Start your 14 day Trial to experience the smartest product research software now!


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