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tips for Amazon sellers to optimize email marketing campaigns

Once an order is placed, you have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and provide exceptional customer service to boost your seller reputation. But do you know whether you are sending the right message to your customers? Today we are going to discuss in more detail regarding what you should include in email content and what main features you should take advantage of while using a third-party feedback software.


What should I include in the email to grab customer’s attention?


1. Valuable Information

While editing your email content and setting rules for sending emails, you must put yourself in customer’s shoes and make sure you are not sending everyone the same thing. To pique a reader’s interest, one of the essential requirement is adding value in your emails by including valuable information in the content or attach files.

For example, if you are selling tea bags, what your buyer would find useful may be tips for making a perfect cup of tea, such as what temperature should the water be, how long to let tea steep, and what add-ins you recommend to put to make it taste better.

If you are selling more than one type of product, spend some time categorizing your listings and creating category-specific email templates. Sending category-specific email to different buyers ensures your buyers get most relevant information and also make the message more personalized.


2. Eye-catching Image

Aside from including relevant content in your email, a good image can always capture people’s attention. Customizing your template with a top banner and adding company logo and product image to the email body are the simplest ways to make the email more visually attractive without distracting the reader from your main point. Therefore, you should first consider a feedback service software that offers these features.

top banner at BQool new Feedback Central

Template with top banner and company logo


How Can I Ask for Seller Feedback and Product Reviews?

Your customers’ satisfaction is a direct measure of your success on Amazon. In your email message, let your customers know that you value their opinion and want to address their concerns. A seller who genuinely cares about his/her customers is more likely to get positive feedback/reviews than asking for them directly.

What other features should I take advantage of?

It’s always helpful to figure out which version of your templates triggers the most engagement and then use the most effective email to send to the rest of your buyers. One of the new features that BQool is going to roll out is A/B testing. It allows you to send different versions of an email campaign to a portion of your buyers, so you can start to experiment with the email content, such as the placement of hyperlink or different top banner image, etc. What’s more, BQool will automatically generate and analyze all the statistics for you!

Of course, never forget to add email variables! Variables are essentially dynamic placeholders that help make a message appear more organized. At the same time, variables can also direct your customers to the right pages as the information of variables changes for each unique order and customer. It’s important to take advantage of variables wherever possible, otherwise your customers may find it difficult to read messages full of URL addresses, and decide to delete or flag your email as spam.

use email variable tool to customize and organize content easily

Never forget to add email variables!


Another helpful tip to entice the customer to open and read your email is to include his/her first name in the subject line. If you have more than 100 orders per day, it would be tedious work to enter buyers’ first names in your email subject one by one. With BQool’s new variable – {{buyer_first_name}}, you can easily accomplish this task by just adding one variable in your template! Just keep in mind that the more you personalize your subject line, the more benefits you can reap.

If you are ready to give BQool’s new Feedback Central a try, please start your 14-day free trail. Hope to see you soon! Ciao!


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