Mobile Shopping Trends in 2019 for Amazon


Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms to date. As the e-commerce store with one of the highest revenue rates, Amazon is an incredibly successful global company. For that reason and many others, it is no wonder that mobile shopping trends for Amazon is a topic that sparks deep curiosity.

Mobile shopping is the act of using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, to pursue e-commerce websites and make purchases on the go. Due to the advantages and the ease of shopping from a mobile device, mobile shopping is becoming more and more common. This is no surprise given the constant increase in the use of technology all around the world. 


Why focus on mobile?

People are almost always carrying their smartphones with them. Since these devices are mobile, people are given the ability to use a smartphone at any given moment. While mobile shopping on Amazon is gaining quite a lot of traction, it has not erased the use of desktop computers for viewing Amazon’s website from an internet browser. At least, this is not yet the case. 

Looking at trends from years prior is a great way to predict trends in the current year. In order to predict mobile shopping trends of 2019 on Amazon, let’s first take a look at the statistics reported in 2018 regarding a couple of Amazon’s shopping trends. 


Reflecting on Amazon Trends in 2018


At the start of  2018, people viewed Amazon on a mobile device for an average of two billion four million minutes per month. Similarly, the total number of minutes that people spent on the Amazon mobile app in 2018 was roughly twelve billion eight million minutes on average in a given month. 

Compared to the first month of 2018, January of 2019 saw an increase in viewers on the Amazon website from a mobile device of seventeen million five hundred thousand people. In addition, the total number of people who viewed the Amazon mobile app in January 2018 increased by eight million two hundred thousand people in January 2019.
According to analytics reported by App Annie’s, Amazon was the third most-used app on a monthly basis in 2018 for both Android users and iPhone users. To emphasize how impressive it was for Amazon to rank so highly on the list of top ten most used apps, the two apps that took first and second place were the Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app, respectively.


Amazon Shopping Trends Predictions for the Year 2019


Mobile apps are predicted to encompass just under 45 percent of all sales that take place online in 2019, which is a much greater percentage than the number of e-commerce sales through mobile shopping in 2019. For comparison’s sake, mobile shopping on Amazon was part of the 39.6 percent of online sales on mobile devices in 2018. In 2019 there is expected to be about a 5 percent increase in mobile sales from the previous year. 

Analysts have witnessed an interesting phenomenon when viewing data for both the usage of the Amazon app and Amazon’s mobile web use. In terms of the number of total visits on a monthly basis, it appeared that more people viewed Amazon’s website on a mobile internet browser than the number of people who viewed the Amazon app. 

In total conflict with what you might assume, even though more people used the internet on their smartphones to view Amazon’s website, people who viewed the web spent much less time shopping than people who used the mobile app. With that, it’s important to make sure you are accommodating your website design for all viewers, mobile or desktop.

This mobile shopping trend held true in 2018, but it is predicted that the opposite will hold true in terms of which method of viewing Amazon will receive higher visitor rates in 2019. This year, Amazon’s mobile app will receive more traffic than Amazon’s website by way of Chrome, Safari, or other internet browsing options. 

This prediction is expected to hold true in 2019. Overall, it is most likely that mobile shopping on Amazon will be at an all-time high, with the volume of online mobile sales on Amazon in 2019 outnumbering the number of mobile sales on Amazon in 2018. Amazon seems to be an ever-increasing entity, and they clearly prioritize viewing accessibility.


Reasons for Amazon’s Impressive Shopping Trends 


One of the many things that Amazon does well as a retailer is providing amazing deals for people who pay for Amazon Prime. Subscribing to Amazon Prime provides customers with free two-day shipping on the majority of items, with a few exceptions here and there. The customer service team makes returns, refunds, and any other order-related issues easy to handle. 

Amazon Prime Video is another service that is made available by way of a Prime membership. Prime Video is an on-demand video hosting service provided by Amazon to all paying members. Not every show or video can be viewed for free with the membership, but you would be surprised by the number of options that open up for Prime members. Even when options are not technically free, the opportunity to have a free trial through another media provider is offered.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Amazon SEO has a lot to do with the overall trends of mobile shopping on Amazon, no matter the year. If shoppers are able to find the items they are looking for and see recommendations for related products that keep them interested and engaged, then people are far more likely to stay on the website for longer periods of time. 
Likewise, mobile shopping trends are based upon the algorithm of Amazon, which is heavily impacted by SEO best practices. It is most important that the products of Amazon sellers are enhanced in accordance with Amazon SEO. E-commerce solutions providers like BQool are great resources for sellers looking to benefit from Amazon shopping trends in 2019


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